See and copy your teacher as you learn new mouth positions, sounds and rhythms.


Access your course online anytime. Learn where and when you want.


We have different courses for speakers of different languages.


Each course includes over 20 hours of video and audio training.

Georgie and the team have been providing online speech training services for 5 years and English Pronunciation training for 12 years. Previously Star Pronunciation, Speech Active is the leading supplier of tailored courses to help English Second Language speaker speak more clearly and be better understood.

After many years helping people from all over the world with their English pronunciation, Georgie decided the convenience and reach of online training would empower many more people around the world access quality pronunciation training and positive long term outcomes. 

Speech Active courses are used by students from all walks of life, through their Universities, through companies or direct via this website.

It’s our belief that any successful training is interesting and has easy to use content, that’s reflected in how our students learn and why we provide not just video lessons, but audio recordings for ongoing practice when you’re out and about.

Georgie has regularly featured in the media:

Georgie has regularly featured in the media:

Georgie has regularly featured in the media:

Georgie Taylor – Speech Pathologist

A Speech Pathology Degree and over 12 years specialising in accent training means that Georgie knows what works. In 2003 Georgie started a face-to-face English pronunciation training service for international professionals and university students. Since then she has worked with over 2500 people from all over the world, helping them speak English clearly and with more confidence.

Georgie is passionate about helping people be easily understood. If you have seen one of her presentations or attended her training you will know this!

Georgie’s Star Pronunciation courses are specifically for professionals and students who are serious about improving their English pronunciation.

Georgie is a regular presenter at major universities and has provided individual and group training to people of all professions from local and international corporations, government organisations and not-for profit organisations. Read more about our clients.

Lorelie Merton – Speech Pathologist

Lorelie is an experienced Speech Pathologist who is passionate about clear communication. She brings to the team her experience supported by years of working with bilingual children to improve their language skills as well as specialist knowledge in working with articulation and pronunciation.

Her experience includes working with children and adults with articulation errors. She has volunteered with international student groups while studying at LaTrobe University & has friends from many parts of the world including India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia & Germany. She knows how frustrating it can feel when people don’t understand you or ask you to repeat yourself!

She can see the difference that Star Pronunciation techniques make to the clarity of a person’s speech & is here to support you on your journey to clear English pronunciation.

Sarah Gaussen – Speech Pathologist

Sarah is an enthusiastic and motivated Speech Pathologist who brings more than 10 years experience to Speech Active. Since graduating, Sarah has worked in a variety of roles assisting both adults and children.

Sarah has a strong interest in effective communication skills as it contributes to the overall well being of an individual. As an experienced therapist, Sarah believes in Speech Active training as an effective and efficient tool for improving one’s pronunciation. Sarah has collaborated with Georgie Taylor since the infancy of Star Pronunciation, and has recently joined as a committed team member.

A ‘Star’ communicator and a caring and happy individual, Sarah is an excellent addition to the Speech Active team.


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