Accent reduction: Part 1] Five English homophones to check

Nov 8, 2018 | Blog

Georgie Taylor

Speech Pathologist


Accent reduction: Part 1]

Clear and correct English pronunciation for Homophones – Part 1.

So many of our accent reduction students ask us about homophones. Homophones are words that are spelled differently but are pronounced the same way. There are LOTS of them in English. I am surprised at how many students I find trying to pronounce two words differently when they should actually be pronouncing them the same way because they are homophones. So – here’s some ‘quick fix’ accent reduction exercises for 5 common homophones.

Practise opening your mouth!

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Listen here and repeat. Pay attention to the vowels and syllable stress in the multi-syllable words.

1] how to pronounce missed / mist – ‘missed’ and ‘mist’ are pronounced the same.

2] how to pronounce berry / bury – ‘berry’ and ‘bury’ are pronounced the same.

3] how to pronounce cell / sell – ‘cell’ and ‘sell’ are pronounced the same.

4] how to pronounce weather / whether –  ‘weather’ and ‘whether’ are pronounced the same.

5] how to pronounce one / won  – careful with this one!  I often hear these mispronounced. Practice them with me now – ‘I won one!’

Stay tuned for our next post  – it will have 5 more important English homophones that you should check.

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Have a great day.

Georgie Taylor

Speech Pathologist and Accent trainer


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