Pronunciation of English homophones – Part 1

Nov 8, 2018 | Blog

Georgie Harding

Speech Pathologist

5 Homophones to Check. 

English Pronunciation of Homophones – Part 1.

Many of our students ask us about homophones.

Homophones are words that are spelled differently but are pronounced the same way.

There are LOTS of them in English.

I am surprised at how many students I find trying to pronounce two words differently when they should actually be pronouncing them the same way because they are homophones.


So – here’s some ‘quick fix’ exercises for 5 common homophones.

Listen and repeat. Pay attention to the vowels and syllable stress in the multi-syllable words.

1] how to pronounce missed / mist:

‘missed’ and ‘mist’ are pronounced the same.

2] how to pronounce berry / bury:

‘berry’ and ‘bury’ are pronounced the same.

3] how to pronounce cell / sell:

‘cell’ and ‘sell’ are pronounced the same.

4] how to pronounce weather / whether:

‘weather’ and ‘whether’ are pronounced the same.

5] how to pronounce one / won  – careful with this one!  

I often hear these mispronounced. Practice them with me now, both ‘won’ and ‘one’ are pronounced as /wʌn/ – ‘I won one!’


See our next post for 5 more important English homophones that you should check.

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