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“The way we communicate…. ultimately determines the quality of our lives”

This is a quote from the famous self-help guru, Anthony Robbins. And we agree with him. With clearer professional English you will accelerate your career, have better confidence and communicate with ease at work. You will achieve excellent results, quickly with our step-by-step training.

Our courses are perfect for professional, students and job seekers because you can take training that is tailored to your needs online anytime from your own home. All you need is good ADSL / broadband internet to access your specialised accent training in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland.

Learn to speak clear English in just 13 weeks with our accent training:


Take the recommended weekly video lessons or create your own schedule.

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Take any of the 23 bonus lessons for extra learning.

Contact your teacher any time.

Monitor your progress with speech check recordings and quizzes.

Improve your listening skills, vocabulary and confidence.


Add the course to your resume.

Our training is tailored to your needs. It’s like having your own tutor at your home or office 24/7 – for specialised accent training Brisbane.

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It’s like having a tutor in your own home in Brisbane! Accent training that gets results. Start learning today!

The exercises on the MP3 files are very helpful. I use them everyday. My boss says I am much easier to understand : ) and I have more speaking confidence.


Accountant, Brisbane

Looking at the Chinese students helped me to understand the mistakes I make. I didn’t know these things before.  That is excellent.  And each lesson is exactly for Chinese.


Commerce Student from China, Living in Brisbane