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Are you looking for specialised accent training in Sydney?

Would you like to improve your English accent and speak English more clearly?

We have helped over 2,000 international professionals speak clearer English.

We agree wholeheartedly with the famous Anthony Robbins who said:

“The way we communicate…. ultimately determines the quality of our lives”

Increase your career opportunities, have better confidence and communicate easily at work. You will achieve excellent results with our easy to follow training.

Our courses are perfect for busy professionals, job seekers and students because you can take training that is tailored to your needs online anytime from your own home. A good ADSL / broadband internet connection is all you need to improve with your specialised accent training lessons in Sydney and throughout all of NSW.

Learn to speak clear English during 6 months of access to our accent training:


Take the recommended weekly video lessons or create your own schedule.

Practice on the move from your phone with audio downloads. Keep these for ongoing revision.


Take any of the 22 bonus lessons for extra learning.

Contact your teacher any time.

Measure and track your improvement with quizzes and speech check recordings.

Improve your listening skills, vocabulary and confidence.


Add the course to your resume.

Our training is tailored to your needs. It’s like having your own tutor at your home or office 24/7 – for specialised accent training Sydney.

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Your step by step path to clear and confident English

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See our accent training FAQs for answers to questions like “Why is this better than face-to-face training?’ and ‘How will I know I’m improving?’.

It’s like having your own tutor at home in Sydney. Learn clearer English with our accent training that gets results, fast. Start today!

BTW I like your course very much, it’s very helpful and worth every dollar I spend, thank you so much!!! April

Mandarin Speaker, Sydney, Australia

I am happy I found this course to help me reduce my accent. I practiced a lot as recommended and I am very pleased with my results. The course is excellent. You will learn A LOT! Hiran

Engineer from Sri Lanka, Sydney, Australia