Speech Active Training is An Effective And Unique Combination Of Phone & Comprehensive Online Training 


Every Speech Active Course Includes:


  • a 30 minute phone training session with Georgie

  • a guided self assessment at the start of the course

  • before and after recordings

  • a tailored comprehensive online course with over 30 modules, presented in an easy to follow format. You can repeat or skip modules or simply follow the recommended schedule. 

  • hours and hours of audio listen and repeat practice to use when you are on the move and don’t want to use the videos. 

  • and much more. 

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The course includes everything you need for success. As part of the course you will record your speech and we guide you through a self-assessment in the first few modules.

So a Speech Active online course actually includes a guided English Pronunciation assessment – we’ve thought of and included everything : )

But, if you have the budget and would like expert input into your strengths and weaknesses then purchasing an assessment is a great idea. You’ll receive a full report on all areas of your speech and also over 20 minutes of audio feedback that’s been recorded specifically for you. You can add an assessment anytime during your course.

With a Speech Active English Pronunciation Assessment you’ll find out exactly what you need to improve and WHY for clearer, better spoken English. One of our expert Speech Pathologists will evaluate a series of your speech recordings, both reading and speaking naturally.

Students love our English Pronunciation Assessments.

Speech Active Assessments are $158

You will receive:

1. An audio file recorded specifically for you. This will explain in detail, your strengths and weaknesses. It will highlight the areas you need to improve and why. This audio file gives you direct, detailed personal feedback.

2. A detailed written report. This report outlines your strengths and weaknesses and shows you examples of your problem areas. 

Students tell us it’s like having a light switched on after they’ve been in the dark for years.

Armed with the knowledge from an assessment you can pay special attention to the Speech Active lessons that are most important  to you! 

“The Pronunciation Assessment helped me pinpoint areas of my pronunciation weaknesses that I never knew existed before, and the Course provided very thorough drills to fix them. I highly recommend. ”

Thang N. Vietnamese speaker


Every Speech Active Course includes a 30 minute phone session with Georgie. 

You’ll love this session. She makes it as helpful as possible. She’ll help you identify your priority areas, you’ll get loads of great feedback and create a vocab target list, She’ll answer your questions and help you get motivated!

You can also call us for a chat anytime during your course but for a full session of 1:1 training add the phone / skype sessions to your enrolment. 

Some people want more than just this one phone session. They want a phone training sessions to prepare for an important presentation, an important meeting or phone or job interview that they have coming up. 

Or they want some extra 1:1 feedback during their online course to make sure they are on the right track and get some personalised feedback.

You can add these at any stage during your course. 

People use these phone sessions to help prioritise areas, get assistance with particular words and phrases related to their work (you can also do this in the course forum) and get a motivational boost!

Speech Active offers two 30 minute skype / phone lessons for $136.

Following the session you will receive an email summary and clear recommendations.  

Do I need phone or skype sessions? 

The course is designed for you to get maximum benefit without external input. We have designed the whole course as though you are in a class with the teacher and you are learning through seeing, hearing and doing and monitoring, just as you would face to face with a real teacher. 

We point out where you are likely to make errors and what those errors will be to help develop your monitoring skills. We teach you to be the expert! Most students find they don’t actually need any extra phone sessions.

Please note that assessment and phone support are not covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee. 


“going through my presentation with georgie greatly helped my confidence. i corrected many words i use daily in my work. my word stress use and rate were a problem but i realy made good improvement through my practising. I am pleased to say that I was well understood by my colleagues. But the best thing was that i enjoy it. thank you so much georgie.

Rajish K, Hindi Speaker
IT support Brisbane AustraliA

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