Assessment and Phone Support

Speech Active Assessments

“Aha, so that’s what I need to improve.”

Find out exactly what you need to improve for clearer, more correct English.

You will send us a recording of your speech (reading and speaking naturally) and one of our expert Speech Pathologists will evaluate it. They will then record an audio file explaining in detail the areas you need to improve and why. You also receive a detailed 5 page written report on your pronunciation. Naturally, we supply the scripts.

Students tell us it’s like having a light switched on after they’ve been in the dark for years.

Armed with the assessment you can pay special attention to the Speech Active lessons that are most important  to you – do them as many times as you like during your course.

Speech Active Phone / Skype Support

When you choose phone support you’re entitled to 3 x sessions on the phone with one of our speech pathologist.

These sessions last for 15 to 20 minutes each. They’re incredibly helpful, and ideal for that tricky sound you just can’t get right.

Things you should know:  Assessment and phone support are not covered by our money-back guarantee, they’re non refundable. More phone support can be purchased.


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