Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Courses available in Adelaide.

Many people reach out to us asking something like ‘how do I choose an accent reduction course in Adelaide.’  I’ve put this article together to explain some of the considerations and then how our accent reduction and english pronunciation training can help you achieve your best. 


So you’re looking for English pronunciation training in Adelaide.  

There are 5 elements that will effect the type of accent reduction training approach that’s best for you. I’ll break these up below:

  1. What is your daily schedule? 
  2. How much accent reduction practise will you do 
  3. How do you best learn
  4. What to look for in a course 

We’ve been helping people from Adelaide and all over Australia with English pronunciation and accent reduction for more than 12 years. That’s a long time and I do think it’s given us a good insight into what works and doesn’t work when it comes to accent reduction training.  Most courses have a teacher training students face to face, by video or by audio.

What is your daily schedule? 

This is very important it dictates how much time you will have for learning sessions. If you sign up for classes you need to attend – once you’ve missed a class there’s no catching up! If you choose the face to face option make sure you can commit to making all of the classes in the accent reduction course. 

How much accent reduction practise will you do 

This is the single biggest success factor. I see it all the time in my students, people who do lots of practice get the best results. Make sure the course you choose has really great practise materials. 

How do you best learn

Think back to other skill you’ve learned. What approach worked best for you then? For most people, in Adelaide, or all over the world “learning by doing” is the best approach. A quick understanding of the theory is important but actually going out and trying an activity or newly acquired skill is the best way to become proficient. I like to think of someone studying marketing at university. There’s lots of theory behind how to design and sell products. But for most people, the real learning happens when they start marketing in the real world. English pronunciation training is no different – make sure the course you choose has the best practise activities. 

What to look for in a course 

  • When choosing a course here are some of the best features people 
  • Can you get an assessment – this is a detailed diagnostic report on your speech and the areas you need to improve.  
  • Is your course a one size fits all approach or is it tailored for you. People from different language backgrounds have different pronunciation challenges. Meaning someone from Japan has different pronunciation issues compared to someone from Russia.  A group of people studying the same course without addressing their individual pronunciation differences can be counter-productive. 
  • What practise materials are available. You need to be supplied with effective practice materials to get the best outcomes. 
  • How many sessions do you need and will they match your schedule. In my experience a challenge that arises after 3 face to face sessions is people not being able to make the next few sessions due to work or life getting busy. The best outcomes are achieved by a concentrated focussed effort over 3 to 4 months. Are you able to make the sessions or would you be better off to choose an online option that’s available all of the time.  

Call us on +61 411 295 828. We would love to chat about your English speaking goals


Here’s why someone from Adelaide should choose my accent reduction training.

So I’ve explained what to look for and how to get the best outcomes. Now I’d like to explain to you why you should choose a Speech Active

It’s built for Australian workplaces. This is really important we focus on expressions people use often and that Native English speakers find difficult.  The course you will study is built for professionals living and working in Australia and people seeking an Australian accent. We will help you develop an extended vocabulary, better listening and understanding of phrases commonly used in Adelaide and other Australian cities. 

Like many languages, English has many idioms which are sayings or expressions that are commonly used here. Below are some examples used in the workplace:  

  • Catchya later, this expression means see you later. 
  • Are you free this arvo. Arvo means this afternoon. 
  • No worries. Means it’s all fine. 
  • That’s got legs. Means ‘it’s a good idea’  

You don’t have to use these type of expressions but it is helpful to understand what is being said so you don’t get confused. They are examples of hundreds of expressions that we use in meetings and conversations in Australia. So at the same time as you improve your pronunciation you can improve on your knowledge of local idioms.

We’ve got a super track record. We’re recognised as a leading supplier of pronunciation services for Australian Universities and companies and we’ve received a number of innovation awards for our accent reduction assessment process and course delivery. 

So our training is tailored specifically to the language background of the student. Our course is designed to help the learner zero in on the accent reduction activities that will give the fastest pronunciation outcomes. At the time of writing we have courses for 43 language backgrounds and more in development. 

Life changing pronunciation outcomes. That’s right, our course changes lives. I don’t mind saying that. For someone working or looking for a job in Adelaide the process of moving from having difficulty being understood to clear English makes a huge difference. Not to mention confidence. In a survey of 200 Western Sydney University students from 2 years ago, 96% of the students reported a large increase in their confidence levels. 

30 Day money back guarantee.  Despite everything we can tell you about our wonderful course it always helps to have some insurance. If you don’t like the course you can request a refund within the first 30 days. 

It’s accessible any time. So most of the course is delivered via online streamed video supported by written notes and audio files for practicing. Unlike a class, this means you can choose to study at 9pm at night or first thing in the morning. 

We teach you to become an English pronunciation expert. That’s right after about one month of enrolling in our English pronunciation course you’ll start to hear the differences between your speech and native English speakers. Through some great record and compare software we developed you con compare you speech to a native English speaker.

Online training works… well! That’s right, Take a look at this study produced by the U.S. Board of Education that found online learning is just as effective in terms of learning outcomes as face to face and classroom training. That’s because the content and the student motivation 

Phone and Skype support and assessments. Many people would like feedback from a person throughout the training we offer optional assessments before and after the course. Plus there’s phone support available to book with one of our expert speech pathologists for live feedback. 

Stacks of great features. Weekly progress reminders; record and compare tools, forum for asking questions, access to before and after course recordings, interactive activities, mobile friendly training and lots of interesting content to keep you engaged. You will love this training. 

So to summarise this is a great course. We launched our first online course through Speech Matters nearly 8 years ago, this is now version 3. Over that time we’ve trialled and perfected our teaching style so you can get the best outcomes after investing your time and money.  

To practise your new pronunciation skills in conversations for professional situations and socially. There’s practice materials for networking, interviews, meetings, small talk, presentations, conference calls and more. We give you everything you need to develop these new skills and then begin using them in your everyday life. 


What we will ask from you


Your Commitment: To achieve the best possible results you need to watch 2 x 20 minute videos a week – so that’s 40 minutes of video lessons. Then we need you to undertake 15 minutes of daily practice using audio files. The videos will show you what to do and the audio files will help you practice. Lessons can be reviewed at any time. Lessons can be revised any time so you can watch as often as you need to. 

 In addition you have access to phone support, we provide assessments where you can record you speech and have a 5 page report focussing on the areas you need to improve produced by an accent expert and Speech Pathologist. 

Our Commitment:  You’ll start learning with the world’s best English pronunciation course. You’ll have immediate 24 hour access to great looking, interesting and easy to understand expert teaching videos. Audio files to help you practice between lessons. We have quizzes that allow you to check progress and recording tools so you can check your changes and improvements as you study. We track before and after recordings and there’s access to 40 plus bonus lessons. 


Pronunciation skills for life. 

Your active study period is 6 months. Courses last 16 weeks  which for most people is plenty of time to work intensively on pronunciation. You’ll keep improving for months and years  after the course has finished as you fine tune your speech. And remember our accent reduction is tailored for people working in Australian cities like Adelaide. 


Here’s what you will learn in your Accent Reduction Course 

Depending on your first language some of these lessons may not be necessary 

  • Mouth position – You need to open and move you’re mouth in a way that might seem ‘over the top’ when you first start
  • Rate of speaking – this is how fast you speak 
  • Volume of speaking – an easy one to correct, but an area people do get wrong.
  • Word Stress – in every multi-syllable English word, one syllable is stressed. Correct word stress is essential for clear English that is easily understood by others. 
  • Sentence Stress – this makes the rhythm of English. Many people bring the ‘music’ of their first language into their English. Correcting your sentence stress will make your English clearer and more interesting for the listener. 
  • Vowel sounds – there will be a number of vowel sounds someone from your first language finds challenging, correct these to achieve great results
  • Consonants sounds – correct the consonant sounds that speakers of your first language find challenging and impact on your clarity.  
  • Correct your use of past tense and plurals and pronounce these correctly.
  • Correct more than 500 of the common errors mispronounced words in English.


Other Areas – while practising to improve your pronunciation you will boost other areas of your English. 

  • Fluency – complete the fluency activity in each module to develop your fluency on a wide range of topics, related both to professional English and everyday conversations. 
  • Listening skills -improved listening skills is in the top three areas that students report major improvement in after this course. You’ll develop your ability to understand English speakers 
  • Vocab & Expression – boost your vocab for professional English and casual, everyday conversations on a wide range of topics.  
  • Confidence – This is the area that brings me the most joy! 96% of our students report their confidence as much improved or very much improved after their training. This is the greatest gain for most of our students. 


English Pronunciation skills forever –  Fixing your English pronunciation is life changing. You’ve spent years of your life learning English, now that you’re seeking and accent reduction course in Adelaide it’s a great place to start. Our clients report that correcting your pronunciation to sound more like a native English speaker has made a gigantic difference to their ability to perform at work and general life satisfaction. 

I’m Ready To Start English Pronunciation Training. 

Take a look at your accent reduction course which is built especially for a speaker of your first language – Speech Active English Pronunciation & Fluency Course list

Course are $596 or only $125 a month for 6 months. 

Each course goes for around 4 months but you will have 2 years to access your course – to refresh and revise as you wish. 

Contact us today to talk about your English speaking goals and find out how our courses will help you speak English with clear pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker. 

Call us on +61 411 295 828.
Chat with us on our website chat tool. 
Email us at:  info at (just insert the @ we do that to confuse the SpamBots!)  

Keep up the great work. 

Georgie Harding
Founder of Speech Active


English Pronunciation Course and Accent Reduction Course - Adelaide.

3 + 4 =


  • - 16 week course (with 2 years access)
  • - 40+ video modules in an easy-to-follow, flexible schedule
  • - 7+ hours of listen-repeat audio files for practising between videos - keep these forever
  • - A 30 minute 1:1 video training session with Georgie: get feedback & get motivated, ensure you're getting the absolute most from your online course. Add more 1:1 sessions anytime.
  • - Progress check recording tools in every module
  • - Guided self assessments at the start and end
  • - Fluency targets and activities
  • - Before & after course speech recordings
  • - Combination of video, audio and notes for best learning outcomes
  • - Completion certificate and much, much more.


Specialised video and audio training with recording tools & guided assessments. This course includes everything you need to succeed.  Monitor your improvement with progress check recording tools and quizzes in every module. 


You’ll have your award winning course at your finger tips 24/7. Our courses fit around your busy schedule. Learn when you want. Guided assessments included, before & after recordings, forum & more. 


We have different courses for speakers of different languages. Find your tailored course here. You won’t waste time working on areas you don’t need to. Your energy and time will be spent most effectively. 


Over 20 hours of specialised training at your fingertips. We’re here on the phone for a chat anytime. The course gives you everything you need to successfully improve your English pronunciation and spoken English.

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