English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Training in Brisbane

Hi there! Are you looking for an English Pronunciation Training Brisbane?

Whether your goal is to speak clearer English that people understand easily or to speak more like a local Brisbanian…. Brisbanite…. (if those aren’t words, they should be) we can help you achieve it. 

We are Australia’s leading provider of English pronunciation and accent reduction training and we’d absolutely love to help you speak English with more confidence. 

Our Australian English Pronunciation training has been created for international professionals living and working in Australia. Our training has won several Australian awards for being the most innovative, fun and effective accent and English Pronunciation training in Australia. 

Call us on 0411 295 828. We would love to chat about your English speaking goals

But in the meantime, let me tell you a little more about how we can help you improve your English accent and English pronunciation.  

Why Brisbane Based Professionals Love Our Training. 

Tailored To Your Needs. 
Our training is completely tailored for your first language. This is not a one size fits all course. A speaker of Mandarin does a different course to a speaker of Spanish or Russian for example. This is essential as they will need to work on different areas to achieve clearer English.

Designed For Busy Professionals. Professionals need flexibility. Professionals need to be able to access their training around their busy schedules. They need advanced level training that they can dip in and out of when it suits them. Speech Active courses keep you actively improving your speech throughout your busy day – a little bit here, a little bit there, day by day.

For The Australian Workplace. This course is for Australian based professionals so it will help you develop your vocab, expression and listening skills for the Australian workplace. 

Most English speakers use a lot of expressions. If you don’t understand these it can make communication difficult. Expressions such as ‘that’s got legs’ (this means – that’s a good idea) or ‘Are you free this arvo’? (this means, this afternoon) and used often. These are not ‘slang’ – these are expressions that are used often in professional situations such as interviews and meetings. 

You don’t need to use expressions like these but you do need to understand them. Key expressions are covered in your course and you’ll practise them while developing your pronunciation skills in real conversations. 

As part of your course, you’ll practise your new speaking skills in conversations for professional and casual situations. For example, networking, interviews, meetings, small talk, presentations, conference calls and more. We give you the practise you need to succeed in transferring your skills to your everyday life. 

Achieve Excellent Results. This course was created by a team of Australian Speech Pathologists, ESL tutors and E-learning Specialists to make sure it is the most effective training available. We wanted to make it even more effective than 1:1 training and we believe we have done this. See how here. 

The biggest factor determining how much you will improve is how often and how much you practise. With the right training, this is the determining factor! When it comes to helping you fit practise into your daily life we have got you covered! 

Money Back Guarantee. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We are confident that you’ll love our course and find it extremely helpful, but we understand that you might not feel the same way. So, just to make sure, you can watch the first few lessons and if the course isn’t for you, we can provide you with a refund.

And guess what, it’s all available to your home or to your mobile device or laptop in Brisbane or wherever in the world you may travel. 



How You Will Learn & Improve With Our Training

Easy to Follow Format.
We make training easy by providing you with a clear but flexible schedule. Follow the recommended training and complete the suggested practise. You can access your training from your Brisbane home or office or from any mobile device when you are on the move. 

Highly Effective. Your training is tailored specifically for speakers of your first language. This means you won’t waste time working on areas that you don’t need to improve. You will work to improve the areas that are highest priority for speakers of your first language first, so you can experience the benefits of clearer English within weeks after starting.    

Your Commitment. You should aim to complete a minimum of two 20 minute videos each week. You can do more if you like, but that’s what we suggest as a minimum. You should also aim to do 15 minutes of practise each day with the audio files. Lessons can be revised at any time and as well as over 30 video modules in your main course, you’ll have access to 20 seriously helpful bonus lessons. 

Our Commitment. We’ll provide you with the best quality teaching, available at your fingertips 24/7. Clear, tailored and fun videos with loads of practise. Audio files for you to practise with in between sessions.

Progress check recording tools and quizzes in every module to check you are on track. Before and after course recordings so you can see your improvement. Advanced training that is relevant to professionals and will build your speaking skills and confidence in every professional situation. 

Skills For Life. While you’ll have 6 months to access your Speech Active course, our aim is actually to give you the skills you need to keep improving into the future. Of 250 students surveyed after completing their Speech Active course 100% said they had the skills they needed to continue their improvement into the future.

The course explains the English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.PhuongVietnamese speaker, Importing and logistics, Australia


How Will You Know You’re Improving?

Build Your Monitoring Skills. You need to learn to hear your own mistakes. This is an essential step. You need to be aware of a problem before you can change it. 

One of the biggest mistakes when students have a 1:1 teacher is that they rely on the teacher to pick their mistakes for them. This means they don’t develop the awareness to control their mistakes themselves. It results in good improvement in the classroom but no improvement in the office! 

Progress Check Recording Tools. After each module, you’ll check your progress with our check recording tools. You’ll see clearly whether you are on track or need more practise. Mastering new sounds and speech patterns like word stress takes dedication and practise. We give you the skills and practise you need to not only learn new sounds but to master actually using them correctly in your everyday speaking. 

Before & After Course Recordings & Guided Assessments. You’ll make a series of voice recordings, both natural speaking and reading at the start of your course. You will have access to these throughout your course and use them for a guided assessment. You’ll make the recordings again at the end of your course so you can pinpoint your progress and monitor your improvements.   

Clearly SEE what to do and what not to do! Each lesson is packed full of clear teaching to show you exactly what to avoid and what you should be aiming for. You’ll master these new skills with listen and repeat practise exercises in both video and audio.

You’ll see other non-native speakers making similar mistakes and learn the correct way to control your muscles and brain to make new sounds and speech patterns.

Our students say that they loved how this course gave them clear knowledge of what they need to change and how these areas affect speech clarity, how to change and correct areas, gave the skills to monitor and change and the practise to master the new sounds and speech patterns. 

What Will Be Covered In My English Pronunciation – Accent Course

Would you like to know more about what is covered in our courses?

Because our courses are tailored according to a speakers first language, when is covered in each course varies.

See a general outline of content below. To find out more about our courses please contact us on 0411 295 828, email info@speechactive.com or chat with us on our website or see more details on our course for you first language at our full English Pronunciation Course list here.

Pronunciation – the areas you will work on depends on what areas of English pronunciation speakers of your first language find challenging. It will include many but not all of the following:

  • Mouth position – many languages are spoken with a more closed mouth position than English. Are you opening and moving your mouth enough for clear English?
  • Rate of speaking 
  • Volume of speaking
  • Word Stress – in every multi-syllable English word, one syllable is stressed. Getting this right is essential for clear English that is easily understood by others. 
  • Sentence Stress – this makes the rhythm of English. Many people bring the ‘music’ of their first language into their English. Using better stress will make your English clearer and more engaging. 
  • Vowel sounds – correct the vowel sounds that speakers of your first language find challenging. 
  • Consonants sounds – correct all the consonant sounds that speakers of your first language find challenging. 
  • Improve your use of past tense and plurals and pronounce these correctly.
  • Correct over 500 of the most commonly mispronounced words in English.

Boost To Other Areas – while practising to improve your pronunciation you will boost other areas of your English. 

  • Fluency – complete the fluency activity in each module to develop your fluency on a wide range of topics, related both to professional English and everyday conversations. 
  • Listening skills -improved listening skills is in the top three areas that students report major improvement in after this course. You’ll develop your ability to understand English speakers 
  • Vocab & Expression – boost your vocab for professional English and casual, everyday conversations on a wide range of topics.  
  • Confidence – This is the area that brings me the most joy! 96% of our students report their confidence as much improved or very much improved after their training. This is the greatest gain for most of our students. 


Other Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between elocution lessons, accent reduction training, accent modification and English Pronunciation course? 

The terms accent reduction, elocution, accent modification and pronunciation training all really mean the same thing. People don’t use ‘elocution’ anymore. It’s very old fashioned. I would love it if people stopped using the term ‘accent reduction’ and used English pronunciation instead. See why here: Why we should stop using “accent reduction”.

What Are The Key Factors Affecting How Much I’ll Improve?

Assuming you have access to the top quality accent training and practice resources, the next main factor affecting how much you will improve is how much effort you put in. In other words, how much you practice! 

No surprises there! Most languages have a saying similar to ‘practise makes perfect’! That’s because it is true. For example, in German it’s ‘Übung macht den Meister.’ which means ‘practice or exercise makes a master’. What is it in your language?

How To Choose A Course

See our article – 5 Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in English Pronunciation Course. This is relevant and helpful whether you are enrolling from Brisbane or any part of the world. 

I’m Ready To Start English Pronunciation Training Brisbane. 

If you are serious about improving and you want to get started, see more on our 6 months English pronunciation course which is tailored specifically for speaker of your first language here – Speech Active English Pronunciation & Fluency Course list

Course are $596 for 6 months access. 

Contact us today to talk about your English speaking goals and find out how our courses will help you speak English with clear pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker. 

Call us on +61 411 295 828.
Chat with us on our website chat tool. 
Email us at info@speechactive.com. 

Keep up the great work. 

Georgie Harding
Founder of Speech Active


English Pronunciation Course - Brisbane.

7 + 6 =


Specialised video and audio training with recording tools & guided assessments. This course includes everything you need to succeed.  Monitor your improvement with progress check recording tools and quizzes in every module. 


You’ll have your award winning course at your finger tips 24/7. Our courses fit around your busy schedule. Learn when you want. Guided assessments included, before & after recordings, forum & more. 


We have different courses for speakers of different languages. Find your tailored course here. You won’t waste time working on areas you don’t need to. Your energy and time will be spent most effectively. 


Over 20 hours of specialised training at your fingertips. We’re here on the phone for a chat anytime. The course gives you everything you need to successfully improve your English pronunciation and spoken English.

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