By Georgie Harding, Speech Pathologist & English Pronunciation Training Specialist. 

Recently a professional contacted me for information on our English pronunciation & accent courses in Perth. After the call and the person then enrolling in our course, I thought it would be useful to produce a quick article on some of the things to keep in mind when choosing an English pronunciation course in Perth. 


So you’re looking for English pronunciation training in Perth.  


There are four main points to consider when choosing a course accent reduction and English pronunciation training. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Do you need the course to be flexible? 
  2. How much practise will you need to do to achieve results? 
  3. What is the best way for you to learn?
  4. What you should be looking for in an accent reduction course? 

We provide online training that is specifically for busy professionals living in Australia. We’ve provided group training, face to face training and online training for over 15 years now. 

Assuming you have access to quality training – the factor that will affect how much you improve the most, is how much practise you do. How much and how often you engage with the training and the course. This is what matters! 

With this in mind, we’ve developed a course that makes it easy for busy professionals to dip in and out around their busy schedules. 

I’ve been working with people all over Australia helping them with English pronunciation and accent reduction for over 10 years. Many of our clients have been Perth based professionals and have achieved life changing outcomes.  

Most Perth based accent reduction courses consist of a teacher delivering training to students through one or a combination of face to face, video or audio training. Deciding on which option is best for you depends on a number of factors. The questions below will get you thinking about what sort of a course will get you the best outcomes.  


Do you need flexibility? 

When choosing a course understanding the level of flexibility you need is critical. A class based approach usually means students need to attend that class at that time, if you’re unavailable you miss the class and move on. Similarly with face to face sessions students need to book regular appointments and attend those. An issue that can occur over time with busy people is they attend the sessions but they don’t do practise in between their classes.

This means that they don’t get good results because they are only engaging in practise and training once or twice a week. 

We provide online training that is specifically for busy professionals living in Australia.  An online approach can mean flexibility in terms of session times which can make completing the lessons much more easily. 


How much practise can you expect to do.

If I had to pick one factor that my most successful students share, it’s their commitment to practice. The amount of practice people undertake is directly related to what improvement they achieve. In terms of clarity and improvement, pronunciation practice makes a gigantic difference.  


What is the best way for you to learn

Do you like to understand the theory of how something works or do you just like to get started and learn as you go?

We prefer the learn by doing approach. Learning by listening, seeing and doing is crucial for your pronunciation improvement.  So starting the activity and then explaining the theory behind how something is done after you’ve had a few attempts at the new skill. Learning theory states this is one of the most effective ways for humans to learn a new skill. 

Think back to your studies what factors worked well together to help you get the best results?  When considering a Perth accent reduction course analyse what practice materials are supplied between lessons.   


What you should be looking for in an accent reduction course? 

Here are some of the key features to consider:

Tailored Training. 
Is your course tailored or is it a one size fits all approach? Many classes have students from all over the world grouped together in the one class. This is efficient but can present difficulties for the learner – someone from China has different pronunciation issues to someone from France. Try to find a course that’s created specifically for someone with your language background. It will save time, but most important, you’ll work on the areas that you need to correct and not waste time on areas you have already mastered. 

Practise Materials
What video or audio can you practise with? You need to find out what practise materials you will have for in between your lessons. A good course should give you lots of practise materials to practise with daily. As we are changing habits you’ve had for many years, it’s essential that you practise regularly and this means every day or at least every few days.

So, find out what practice materials are available between lessons: This is a must, you need to have MP3 / sound files or video files for you to practice what you learned. 

Course length.
How long is the course? Courses vary from a few weeks to 6 months or more. You need to consider your ability to focus on your speech for extended periods of time. Meaning, if you only have 1 month available and your course needs a 6 or 8 week commitment you need to wait until you have more time available. Courses that promise a magic result within 1 month are not being realistic. In my experience people should expect to see general improvements within a few weeks, and big improvements to your overall sound and clarity within 2 – 3 months after starting. 

Teacher Experience.
Who are the teachers and what are their qualifications.
As with any course the teacher is incredibly important. Who is teaching you and how are the qualified. Our training is produced by Speech Pathologists who are experts in pronunciation. A speech Pathologist is trained to understand how sounds work and how we use our mouth and throat muscles to create them. Teaching the correct use of these muscles is how to learn great pronunciation.  

What will it cost? The price is important. I meet so many students who have wasted a lot of money on ineffective training. If it’s really cheap, it’s unlikely to include   I always say to my students; remember you’re going to invest 3 or 4 months in this process. Make sure you value your time. Choosing a cheap audio-only course that means you don’t get any results after a lot of effort is a waste of your time. Don’t be afraid to spend $100 to $200 more to guarantee great quality.

Can you get an assessment? Most teachers offer the chance to have your speech assessed before you start. This will help you further refine the pronunciation areas that are your strengths and weaknesses. If you can afford it, we recommend students have an accent reduction assessment before they commence studying. It gives you a good baseline and helps you zoom in on areas you need to work on now.

Each Speech Active course includes a guided self-assessment, so most of our students don’t purchase an assessment. It will suit you if you have extra budget and you want as much 1:1 input as possible.  

Can you get phone / skype support? 
When you are choosing a course, you should check that you can book time to speak to someone on the phone if you have questions? Would you like some live feedback? Not everyone needs this but it is comforting to know that the course you choose has these kinds of support options.

Speech Active students are welcome to call us anytime. This is the great thing about us being based in Australia. We also offer full phone / skype training to students enrolled in our online courses. We find that the online video training and audio training combined with phone sessions is a good option for many people.   


Here’s why Perth Based Professionals Choose Speech Active Training  


Now that you’re clear on what to consider when choosing an accent reduction course in Perth, here’s some information on why our award winning Speech Active courses should be at the top of your list! 

The content in our courses are designed specifically for the Australian workplace.

You’ll practice words and commonly used expressions that are relevant to Australian workplaces. 

See our Speech Active Course Tour Video to find out more about how people improve with our training. 

Please contact us on the phone or chat with us on our website chat tool to discuss your goals and how we can assist you. 

With Speech Active training, while you’re improving your English pronunciation ad speech clarity you will be your English for the workplace, extending your vocabulary and increasing your understanding. 

Here are some examples of commonly used expressions in Australia.

  • Are you free this arvo? Arvo means this afternoon. 
  • That’s got legs. Means ‘it’s a good idea’   

You have probably heard of some or most of these, there are many of them covered in the course and our students really enjoy this type of training. The great thing is a lesson learned one evening can be taken to work and applied the next day at University or work. 

Here’s what you’ll love about your Speech Active course:

We have the “runs on the board” – that’s an English expression for we’ve proven we can do the job. I’ve been helping people achieve great English pronunciation for over a dozen years. 6 Years ago we launched Star Pronunciation which delivered great English pronunciation training online to over two thousand people. Earlier this year we launched Speech Active. Over 2 years we designed and filmed over 500 hours of training. This was our second version so the course you study has years of experience built in. We know you’ll love the results. Leading Australian universities choose Speech Active for their pronunciation training and we’ve a few awards along the way.  

Our accent reduction courses are tailored to the language background of the student. At the time of writing this is a unique approach. The point is different people from different languages have different accent reduction challenges – there is no point someone from India studying the same areas as someone from Brazil. Both have very different areas to work on and correct. We’ve designed this training to make the most of your time and effort.

We get the results. As an example, we have been working with University of Western Sydney for 4 years now. 96% of the people who completed our training reported a large lift in their confidence when speaking English. They also felt other non native speakers could understand them much better. This was having completed our 14 week course, we now have an even longer version.  

Hate it? You can get your $ back for 30 days: As I write this we haven’t refunded anyone yet. But we give this option to make sure you know we’re happy to guarantee the quality of the training.

1. 100% Accessibility. The lessons are available on demand, you can watch them any time, which allows you to set your own schedule whether it’s 9am or 9pm at night. We can have you studying within a few minutes.

2. Online training is as effective as a traditional classroom approach.  Yep you read it here. There are advantages and drawbacks with both styles, however the accessibility and ability for people to choose convenient times to learn and practice gives the learner a big step up. The US board of eduction found that there was very little difference between the effectiveness of the two learning approaches. People who studied online achieved comparable results to students studying in a class situation – and it was a huge study. 

3. Phone and Skype support and assessments. We provide both of these options. You can choose an assessment to get recorded audio feedback and a five page report on your English pronunciation. Our students love our assessment and you will too. We also provide phone and Skype support – if you are having difficulty or would like to talk to one of our expert speech pathologists we’re available on the phone to help.

4. Interesting and smart course topics. While helping you sound more like a native English speaker is the focus, we have created a course that takes you on a professional journey. You commence as someone who is having job interviews and move through the employment process and then onto working at a job. This unique theme gives you practice in things like small talk, meetings, phone discussions and lots of other areas unique to an English speaking work environment. 

Fabulous features.

Each course has a series of features to help you stay on track and get the best possible results:

  • Weekly progress reminders 
  • Record and compare tools after each lesson so you can check on your progress on the spot 
  • Before and after course recordings 
  • Lots digital activities and quizzes to help reinforce what you’re learning 
  • Footage of other non native speakers making common pronunciation errors. 
  • Forum to ask questions and share thoughts 
  • Online calendar to book your phone support sessions
  • Audio files to help with practice
  • Monthly and one-off payment options 
  • Lots and lots of conversational practise 


There’s a lot built into our accent reduction course but it’s got a nice natural flow and is very easy to study. You’ll love it. I want to help you correct your English pronunciation and sound more like a native English speaker. It’s life changing, take a look at some of the comments from other students.  

We give you everything you need to perform at your peak in an English speaking workplace. 


Your Commitment 

To get the best outcomes from your time and effort, we ask you to agree to watch 2 x twenty minute videos each week. Then in between each of the videos you will undertake 15 minutes of practice each day practicing what you learned in each video. Lessons can be reviewed as many times as you like. The recommended course length is 16 weeks, but you have 6 months of access and longer if you need it. 


Our Commitment

We will provide you with what we feel is the highest quality English pronunciation course in the world today. Each lesson is planned to help you work through the pronunciation areas challenging for someone from your language background. You can access all of the training from your mobile, although we recommend a laptop for the larger screen size and you can access the audio files to download and stream whenever you like. We are available to answer questions, provide assessments and phone and Skype support and most important we want to help you succeed. Check in with us, write to us, call us. We love people from Perth!


How much improvement should you expect? 

Our students start to notice a change in their listening ability a few weeks into the course. You will start to hear the errors and the differences between their speech and a native English speaker and start to make the changes. Then about 1 month in their friends and colleagues start noticing small difference and by two months their confidence and enthusiasm for speaking English has really leapt ahead. 


You will love this course.


Here’s what you will learn in your Accent Reduction Course 

Here are the speech areas that most courses cover. Depending on your first language some of these lessons may not be necessary 

  • Mouth and jaw positioning – You will learn to open and move you’re mouth in a way that may seem exaggerated when you begin
  • Rate of speech – how fast or slow you speak 
  • Volume of speech – an easy one to correct, but an area people do get wrong.
  • Word Stress – in every multi-syllable English word, one syllable is stressed. Correct word stress is essential for clear English that is easily understood by others. 
  • Sentence Stress – this makes the rhythm of English. Many people bring the ‘music’ of their first language into their English. Correcting your sentence stress will make your English clearer and more interesting for the listener. 
  • Vowel sounds – there will be a number of vowel sounds someone from your first language finds challenging, correct these to achieve great results
  • Consonants sounds – correct the consonant sounds that speakers of your first language find challenging and impact on your clarity.  
  • Correct your use of past tense and plurals and pronounce these correctly.
  • Correct more than 600 of the common errors mispronounced words in English.

Apart from Accent reduction there are a range of other areas you will improve at the same time.  These include fluency – practice your English speaking about a broad range of topics both workplace and life related. Listening – enhance your understanding of native English speakers. Expressions and vocabulary, extend your existing knowledge with a broad range of topics. Finally confidence – there is no doubt you will become more confident and proud of your English. 

To get started straight away, simply visit our enrolment page

Or, if you’d like to get to know us a bit better please enrol in our free accent reduction course

Regardless of what course you choose to help you with your English Pronunciation the main thing is to get started. As I’ve already pointed out our accent reduction training has already been used by many people in Perth and we would love the opportunity to work with you. 

I’m Ready To Start English Pronunciation Training in Perth. 

If you are serious about improving and you want to get started, see more on our 6 months English pronunciation course which is tailored specifically for speaker of your first language here – Speech Active English Pronunciation & Fluency Course list

Course are $596 for 6 months access. 

Contact us today to talk about your English speaking goals and find out how our courses will help you speak English with clear pronunciation and sound more like a native speaker. 

Call us on +61 411 295 828.
Chat with us on our website chat tool. 
Email us at info@speechactive.com. 

Keep up the great work. 

Georgie Harding
Founder of Speech Active


English Pronunciation Course - Perth.

4 + 15 =


Specialised video and audio training with recording tools & guided assessments. This course includes everything you need to succeed.  Monitor your improvement with progress check recording tools and quizzes in every module. 


You’ll have your award winning course at your finger tips 24/7. Our courses fit around your busy schedule. Learn when you want. Guided assessments included, before & after recordings, forum & more. 


We have different courses for speakers of different languages. Find your tailored course here. You won’t waste time working on areas you don’t need to. Your energy and time will be spent most effectively. 


Over 20 hours of specialised training at your fingertips. We’re here on the phone for a chat anytime. The course gives you everything you need to successfully improve your English pronunciation and spoken English.

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