English Pronunciation Assessments

What Is A Speech Active English Pronunciation Assessment?

Completed by Georgie or Lorelie, a Speech Active Assessment covers all areas of English pronunciation. Gain a clear understanding of your strengths and most importantly, the areas that would benefit from improvement. It includes 20 minutes of audio feedback recorded for you and a full written report. 

Do You Need An English Pronunciation Assessment?

We have designed your Speech Active Course to include everything you need, for it to be as effective and helpful as possible! As a result, many students don’t feel like they need an assessment. Your course is already tailored for speakers of your first language, so this means that most lessons will be relevant to you. Your course also includes a guided self assessment, where you’ll listen to your speech and check areas -this is a very important exercise for building your awareness. 

In saying that, some people want as much 1:1 feedback as they can get. They want to know as much about their problem areas as possible. If that sounds like you, then an English pronunciation assessment is a great choice. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your problem areas and how they affect your clarity and English accent. 

Is the English Pronunciation Assessment Online?

Yes, your English Pronunciation Assessment is all completed online. At the start of your Speech Active course, you’ll create a series of recordings. This is very easy and takes about 10 minutes – you’ll be guided through this step by step. We then access these recordings and use them to evaluate your natural speaking and reading. 


Audio feedback 

Perhaps the most important part of your English Pronunciation Assessment is your audio feedback. Receive feedback on your pronunciation of English vowel sounds, consonant sounds, word endings, consonant clusters, word stress, sentence stress, weak vowels, past tense and more.

You’ll be clear on what you need to improve and why. 


written report

Receive a detailed report outlining all key areas of pronunciation. See examples of problem areas form your own speech. This report is clear and a useful tool for understanding all your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to English pronunciation skills. 

clear priority areas

It’s important to have a clear understanding of which areas you need to focus on first. Some areas have a greater impact on how easily your listeners will understand you than others.

We’ll let you know your top priority areas for better, clearer spoken English and also your medium to low priority areas too – so you’re ready and motivated to get the most from your online course. 



See and copy your teacher as you learn new mouth positions, sounds and rhythms.

Improve with Listen-And-Repeat Audio files in between video lessons. 




Practice online anytime.

Recording tools to check your progress. 

Zoom Session for 1:1 feedback. Add extra zoom sessions anytime. 




Your course is tailored for speakers of your first language. 

In your 1:1 zoom session you’ll prioritise areas, get 1:1 feedback and Georgie will ensure you get
the absolute most from your course.  




40+ video modules in an easy-to-follow, flexible schedule.

Repeat lessons anytime. 

2 years access to your online video course. 

Audio practice files are yours to keep. 


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Video, Audio, 1:1 Training 

Our unique combination of training gets the best outcomes for our students.

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Your step-by-step path to clear and confident English

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