English Pronunciation Course Melbourne - Accent Training

Are you looking for an English pronunciation course Melbourne?

Are you a professional looking for an accent reduction course Melbourne? 

Our courses will help you level-up your spoken English skills. 

Speech Active English Pronunciation training is specifically for overseas professionals living in Australia. Specifically for people wanting to improve their spoken English so they can communicate more effectively. 

An outstanding English Pronunciation course in Melbourne should: 

  • help you identify your goals. For example, is your goal to be clearer or to sound as much like a native English speaker as possible? 
  • help you become aware of what you need to change and how to do it 
  • train you to a master at monitoring your own speech (you can’t rely on a teacher to correct you when you’re in a meeting at work!!)
  • provide you with tailored, comprehensive training that is clear and easy to follow
  • give you hours of easy to access practice materials – both video and audio. Yes practice makes perfect, so you need high quality, life-like practice materials to create a bridge between “speech practise” and “real-life”.
  • provide lots of practise in everyday conversations. This will help you successfully transfer your skills to everyday life. 

Speech Active courses will help you improve your English accent and speak more clearly, develop all areas of your English pronunciation and improve your fluency, conversation skills and expression. Our training is video based training, supplemented with audio and optional phone / skype sessions.  

Call us today on 038618 6868. Actually our head office is in Melbourne and we’d love to chat to you about your English speaking goals and whether our courses would be a good fit for you. 

Speech Active courses are tailored specifically for speakers of your first language.


This tailoring took us years and it’s the secret as to why our courses are so successful! Our courses cover all the elements listed above, making them a perfect fit for people looking for an English pronunciation course in Melbourne. Many of our clients are people who were looking for an accent reduction course in Melbourne and have found our courses more suitable, more flexible and more effective than alternative options available in Melbourne. 

Specialised, tailored training at your fingertips 24/7.

Take two or three 20 minute videos weekly for 3 months. Practise for 15 minutes a day with the audio files. 
You’ll have 6 months access to dip in and out as it suits you.


Take the recommended weekly video lessons or create your own schedule.

Practice on the move from your phone with audio downloads. Keep these for ongoing revision.


Take any of the 24 bonus lessons for extra learning.

Contact your teacher any time.

Monitor with our progress check recording tools and quizzes.

Improve your fluency, listening skills, vocabulary and most of all - confidence.


Add the course to your resume and impress job interviewers.

Speech Active is like having your own English Pronunciation tutor at your home or office 24/7.

While sitting in your home in Melbourne you will have hours and hours of specialised training at your finger tips. Don’t put off improving any longer – enrol in our online English pronunciation course so you can get started from your home in Melbourne today. 

No travel time wasted, no making appointments to fit around your busy schedule.

We provided English pronunciation courses in Melbourne for over 10 years. Face to face and groups and we certainly find that with our online training students are getting even better results. Why? Because they don’t rely on the teacher to do the work for them. AND they do more training because they dip in and our as often as they can to suit their schedule. 

Invest in yourself

Start Improving Today

Your step by step path to clear and confident English

See our English Pronunciation /accent reduction course list.

See more about the what’s in our courses.

See our English Pronunciation & accent training FAQs for answers to questions like “Why is this better than a face-to-face English Pronunciation Course in Melbourne?’ and ‘How will I know I’m improving?’.

It’s like having your own English Pronunciation Tutor in Melbourne. Start improving today with our tailored accent training that gets results. Start now!

This is truly a fantastic course. I have done other pronunciation course before but this one is the best. It is exactly for Mandarin speakers so everything is perfect for me. It is easy to follow and I am much more confidence now. Going to appointments is very hard for me because my work is very busy. I could get my teaching anytime I like.  I LOVE this course. Thank you so much.  

Katie L

Business Analyst, Living in Melbourne

After these lessons I can understand others more easily and they can understand me. Your course helped me a lot. It helped me to understand English pronunciation, what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. There is so much in the course to help me. Thank you.


Hospitality student, Living in Melbourne, AU