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The best way to find out about Speech Active course features is to watch our course tour video. This will explain how you’ll improve with our courses. 

Each comprehensive online course also includes a 1:1 online Zoom training session. Most students find that one 1:1 session is all they need but you can add more if you wish. 


Video, Audio, 1:1 Training 

Over 20 years of experience rolled into every course! Our unique combination of training gets the best outcomes for our students.

– 4 months course – 2 years access
– 40+ video modules
– content tailored for speakers of your language background
– progress check recording tools in each module
– 30 minute 1:1 video training session with Georgie
– before and after speech recordings
– guided self-assessments at the start and end

Most of our students have the following goals:

 – to speak English more clearly, so people can understand me easily. 
 – to sound more like a native English speaker
 – or both of the above goals

Our courses will help you speak clear English so you can communicate with more confidence in your professional and personal life. 

Speakers of different languages have very different learning needs when it comes to pronunciation. That’s why we have different courses for speakers of different languages! Please find more information on our course for speakers of your first language here: Speech Active – English Pronunciation Courses

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We’ll get you ‘ACTIVE’ 

To successfully improve your English pronunciation and spoken English you need to be practising daily. If not daily, then at least every few days. Our courses provide you with relevant, meaningful practice that you can dip in and out of around your busy schedule. 

We give you the practice you need to make successful change.  You’ll practice and improve with video, audio and notes – from your computer, phone or mobile device – ideally for a minimum of 15 minutes a day – but the more you do – the better!


Easy to follow & relevant

Every sentence that you practice in a Speech Active course is relevant for real life English conversations – both professional and casual. All the practice you do, improving your English pronunciation will better prepare you for all types of English interactions.

Our courses have an easy-to-follow schedule- you can choose when and what you study and repeat lessons as many times as you wish. Every part of every lesson has practice and real-life application in mind.   




Clearly see the exact placement.
Cover hundreds of words
and helpful sentences:
professional & casual.

Monitor & assess progress
in every lesson with
progress check recording
tools & quizzes.

Notes with target phrases:
see clearly the word stress & rhythm
that you need to make.
Master the music of English.

Track your progress with
the ‘Before’ & ‘After’
speech recordings.

Your course content is
specifically for speakers of
your first language – which means
more effective & efficient learning.

Improve with audio
listen-&-repeat exercises while
you’re out and about. The more you practice – the more you’ll improve!

30 minute zoom session included
with your online course.
You’ll love it.
Add extra sessions anytime. 

Interact with others, access
discussions and great tips
in the forum community.

Follow the recommended
schedule or make up your own.
Access your lessons
online anytime.



MORE ON Course Features

MORE ON Speech Assessments (Audio & Written Feedback)

More on 1:1 zoom Training

The course explains the basic nature of English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.

Vietnamese speaker, Importing and logistics, Australia

The material that we can keep with us is a great thing, as I can continue practicing and improving my pronunciation. I am very happy I have invested in this course, as I think a better and effective communication is the key that can open many doors in our life.
Paula Uscanga

Spanish Speaker, Small Business Owner


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Speech Active (previously Star Pronunciation) is now the leading supplier of tailored online English Pronunciation courses, helping English Second Language (ESL) speakers speak more clearly and be better understood.

After many years helping people from all over the world with their English pronunciation, Georgie decided the convenience and reach of online training would empower many more people around the world access quality pronunciation training and positive long term outcomes.

Speech Active courses are used by people from all parts of the world, working across all industries and in all stages of life.

Many international students access our courses by enrolling through their University Career Department who fund the course for students. Companies provide our services for their staff, or people enrol themselves directly here on our website.

Your step-by-step path to clear and confident English

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