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Hi I’m Georgie, 

Your pronunciation teacher

I created this course specifically for French speakers. Hundreds of French speaking professionals and students have improved their spoken English with this training. Each comprehensive course includes a 1:1 Zoom session with me. I’m looking forward to working with you. 

So you’d like to improve your English PRONUNCIATION?

While a French accent in English is often regarded as one of the most beautiful, many French speakers experience frustration when their English is not easily understood by listeners.  

I have great news! By changing just 4 or 5 areas of your English pronunciation your English will be clearer and easy for listeners to understand.

This English Pronunciation Course for French Speakers is one of our most well utilised courses. French speakers complete this course to speak English more clearly or to sound more like a native English speaker. They want to feel more confident when speaking English in their professional and personal lives.

With this online training you’ll correct the areas of English pronunciation that French speakers find challenging, greatly improve your spoken English skills.

Start now or read more below to find out how you’ll improve your English accent and spoken English as a French Speaker with Speech Active.


  • - 16 week course (with 2 years access)
  • - 40+ video modules in an easy-to-follow, flexible schedule
  • - 7+ hours of listen-repeat audio files for practising between videos - keep these forever
  • - A 30 minute 1:1 video training session with Georgie: get feedback & get motivated, ensure you're getting the absolute most from your online course. Add more 1:1 sessions anytime.
  • - Progress check recording tools in every module
  • - Guided self assessments at the start and end
  • - Fluency targets and activities
  • - Before & after course speech recordings
  • - Combination of video, audio and notes for best learning outcomes
  • - Completion certificate and much, much more.



Built specifically for French speakers, this course gives you the structure you need to get ‘speech-active’ every day – in other words, to be ACTIVELY improving your pronunciation and English accent for 15 minutes daily.

Life is busy! Finding time to work on your English Pronunciation and fluency can be challenging. Speech Active English Pronunciation practice is created specifically for busy professionals so you can dip in and out around your busy schedule.

You’ll practice to improve with audio files and videos whenever you have time – the more you practice, the more you will improve. We’ll get you systematically improving the areas that you – as a French speaker – need to change and improve and most importantly, give you the practice you need to transfer these new skills to your everyday life.

I can confidently say that this is the most effective and highly tailored online English Pronunciation course for French speakers available.


Problems with being easily understood can be exhausting and frustrating and result in a lack of confidence when speaking English. Feeling more confident with your spoken English makes most people more comfortable sharing ideas and contributing verbally at work and working more effectively face to face. 

We’re very proud of the feedback we get from our French speaking students reporting greater speaking confidence. For example, French speaking student Aurelie who uses English daily living and working in an English speaking country ‘This course is life changing. I really mean it. I started it to gain confidence with my pronunciation in order to improve my relationships with native speakers. Five weeks later, my relatives already noticed some improvements in my speech. They were impressed by how much confidence I gained after a few weeks only. Not only my pronunciation improved but also my understanding.

I have followed a lot of online course in various fields. So far, this one is the best value for money I have ever found. It is really worth it. Everything you learn will stay in our mind (and mouth) forever. I wish I had discovered SpeechActive 10 years ago, so don’t wait any longer. The earlier, the better.’

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14 week course – 2 years access

448.00 USDAUD

or monthly payment plan
95.00 USD / month for 6 months






See more on what areas you’ll improve with your English Pronunciation Course For French Speakers

  • $Move your mouth correctly for clear English
  • $Develop excellent rhythm & stress (master the music of English which is very different to French)
  • $Master hundreds of phrases for casual & professional conversations
  • $Correct important double and long vowel sounds that are challenging for French speakers
  • $Pronounce the past tense with confidence
  • $Correct words with /h/ and words without /h/ - French speakers often leave /h/ out or add /h/ in where it's not needed
  • $Master consonant sounds that aren't in French such as ‘ch’ (/tʃ/), /dʒ/ & ‘th’
  • $Improve and correct use of the past tense
  • $Monitor improvement with progress-check recording tools in each module
  • $Correct hundreds of English words that many French speakers mispronounced
  • $30 minute video training session with Georgie
  • $and much more!



Online Course Features Arabic Speakers

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Online teacher English Pronunciation Arabic Speakers

More on 1:1 zoom Training with Georgie

English Pronunciation Assessments for Arabic Speakers

MORE ON Speech Assessments (Audio & Written Feedback)

Quite often I could tell people didn’t understand my English easily.  I don’t know how to fix it. This was frustrating me greatly and made me lack confidence.  The lessons cover everything I needed to practice.  People rarely ask me to repeat these days. I feel much confident speaking to people and presenting at work. I highly recommend this course to all other speakers of French wanting to improve their English pronunciation and speaking. 



I think I’m a “real nurse” now as I can better communicate with my patients and also enjoy all the fun at work, thank you very much for all your hard efforts to put together a valuable course like this. As a new migrant this really helped me out to perform well in my new job and it have developed my confidence so I can reach out to community with eased mind. Thanks a lot guys, and Georgie you are an amazing teacher…Thank you very much


French speaker, Nurse, Melbourne, Australia

This course highlights weaknesses in speech pronunciation from the get-go and enables you to focus on specific areas for improvements.


French speaker, Long Island, U.S.A

English Pronunciation Tips for FRENCH SpeakerS

Many – French speakers systematically correct and improve their pronunciation of word stress, sentence stress, English weak vowels, English vowel sounds and English consonant sounds and more with each English pronunciation lessons for French speakers.

If you’re looking to reduce your French accent for clearer English this course will help you improve your pronunciation of sounds like /h/ (when to pronounce /h/ and when not to), diphthong or double vowels like // and // and /i:/ and most importantly the rhythm and stress you are using in English words. French words often have the stress on last syllable, this is what gives it its lovely musical sound, but English is very different. Stressing the final syllable in words makes many words unclear to listeners.   

Phrases like:

– My appointment at half past 8.                 Many French speakers would say – My happointment is at ‘alf past eight.  Sometimes French speakers add in /h/ sounds to words beginning with vowels and remove /h/ from words with /h/ at the start or in the middle.

– I’ll access and comment on the agenda on Wednesday.                     Where are you putting the word stress? Did you say acCESS or ACcess? Did you say coMMENT or COmment? It should be – I’ll ACcess and COmment on the aGENda on WEDnesday?  

Issues such as those mentioned, especially the issue with word stress will make your English unclear to listeners. Listeners need to hear the correct word stress and rhythm to easily recognise the words you say. In other words, English speakers rely on word stress to understand and if a speaker uses flat or incorrect word stress, it will make their speech unclear to listeners. 

You might be wondering if this English pronunciation program is also accent reduction for French speakers. Or accent neutralisation for French speaker. Yes, it is. If you’re looking for accent reduction for French speakers this course will help you successfully reduce your accent for clearer English. Find out more about why Georgie thinks we should stop using the term accent reduction. Many people still search for the terms accent reduction, accent modification and accent neutralisation.

After years working or studying in an English speaking country, many French speakers find most areas of their English have improved a lot, but their pronunciation and accent hasn’t changed that much. With this course, you’ll develop your pronunciation skills, so they are in line with the other areas of your English. 

Some French speakers want an accent reduction course to speak clearer English because sometimes listeners find their English unclear or they lack confidence with their English pronunciation. Some French speakers want to reduce their French accent to sound more like an English native speaker. People often want to do this if they have been living in an English speaking country for a long time and plan to stay. They feel like a local – so they want to sound more like a local. A Speech Active course helps them sound more like a native English speaker.

Clear spoken English affects your career



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English Pronunciation Course Learning Process
Number 1 for English Pronunciation Learning Process


Self-paced course
  • $two or three 20 minute video lessons weekly for 3-4 months
  • $15 minutes practice daily with the audio files & 30 minutes Zoom training
  • $Flexible - dip in and out around your busy schedule
  • $2 years access so you can refresh and revise to further cement and consolidate your improvement
Number 2 for English Pronunciation Learning Process


Master new skills
  • $Progress check recording tools in every module.
  • $Master word stress & rhythm - get the 'music of English' right
  • $Correct vowels & consonants that you find challenging and much more.
  • $Clearly see what you're aiming for - you'll see exactly what to do and what not to do
Number 3 for English Pronunciation Learning Process


Practise for real life
  • $Hundreds of useful phrases and expressions
  • $Practise real life conversations & interviews
  • $Improve your professional & casual daily interactions
  • $Get the practice you need to transfer your new skills to your everyday speaking
Number 4 for English Pronunciation Learning Process


Continuing Improvement
  • $You'll have the skills & resources for continuing improvement
  • $Understand what still needs focus and how to do it
  • $Life-long skills for ongoing improvement
  • $The audio files are yours to keep forever - use them to revise and practice

Are you sometimes using flat, even word stress? Are you sometimes stressing the incorrect syllable?  Practice good word stress with the video below. Click to learn more and practice better English word stress.

Many languages have fewer vowels than English. As a result, many non-native speakers mispronounce the diphthong vowel //, pronouncing it more like a single vowel, like in the word ‘won’t’ in the video below. Practice all the English Vowel Sounds

Do people sometimes misunderstand you when you’re spelling your name or email address? Do they sometimes misunderstand your numbers for example 13 and 30, or 18 and 80? Fix these issues so you can provide your details with more confidence. 

If you’re looking for work or already working in an English speaking country, a clear professional voicemail greeting is a must-have. This video includes a script and will help you record a clear, professional voicemail greeting.


There are a many English pronunciation courses online and English accent courses online. The course you choose should have content tailored to your needs and language background. You also need quality audio and video to practice with – as often as you can – because the more you practice, the more you will improve. 

These English Pronunciation lessons for French speakers have been created specifically for you – it’s not a general, one-size-fits-all program.  This means you’ll use your time effectively and not waste time on content that’s not relevant, as a busy French speaking professional.

Target Image representing English Accent Course Success


Complete two or three 20 minute videos per week over 4 months (with 2 years access).

Practice for 15 minutes each day with the listen-&-repeat audio files while you’re out and about.

The more you practice, the more you’ll improve.

Clipboard List Image representing English Accent Course List


We believe this is the best English Pronunciation course for French speakers online today.

21+ hours of specialised, quality on-demand video and audio training, student forum and recording tools and a 30 minute Zoom session with Georgie.


Computer showing English Pronunciation Online learning


  • $ Progress check recording tools in every lesson.
  • $Fluency activities and checks
  • $PRE & POST course recordings to evaluate your progress
  • $30 minute 1:1 Zoom call with Georgie, our English Pronunciation teacher for French speakers, to ensure you're on track and getting the most from your online course
Speech Bubble representing English speaking course


  • $Workplace conversations & practice job interviews
  • $Cover loads of English idioms and expressions that are often used
  • $Hundreds of useful phrases
  • $Small talk & networking exercises
Clock representing flexible schedule of pronunciation course


  • $Follow the schedule or make up your own.
  • $Access training 24/7
  • $Repeat lessons as many times as you like.
  • $Two years access
Dollar sign representing value of our online courses


  1. Payment plan: $125.00 AUD / month for 6 months
  2. Upfront Payment: $596.00 AUD
  3. Comprehensive Online Course: 40+ modules and 1:1 Zoom session.

Why choose this course?

If you’re looking for English pronunciation classes on how to improve your English accent for French speakers, then this course is what you’re looking for. 

Our online English pronunciation classes for French speakers are proven. Our courses are used by international and local companies like Mazda, AECOM, PMI, Fujitsu and ANZ.

World leading Universities choose Speech Active online English pronunciation courses to help their international students prepare for interviews and work.

Arabic speakers celebrating great English Pronunciation skills




30 DAY


For the first 30 days, if the course doesn’t help you we’ll refund what you have paid! This means you can get started and try out the training right now. That’s how confident we are that we can help you with your pronunciation.

*Zoom support & assessment payments can not be refunded.

30 day money back guarantee for English Pronunciation Online





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