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to find out more about your tailored English Pronunciation & Fluency Course

Every course includes:
 – 6 months access to comprehensive online English Pronunciation and Fluency course that is tailored specifically for speakers of your first language
– a 30 minute phone training session with Georgie
– a guided self assessment
– over 30+ video modules in an easy to follow timeline
– hours of listen and repeat audio files for in between your videos
– notes to support your learning
– fluency targets and activities
– progress check recording tools in every module
– and much, much more. 

Our Speech Active English Language Courses

Achieve fast and effective results with our ‘language specific’ courses to help speakers like you speak clear and confident English.

Our courses are a unique combination of comprehensive online training supported with phone training. This produces the best results for our clients, who are busy professionals that need flexible high quality training.

Explore the range of courses we have available, if your first language isn’t listed we can tailor lessons for you.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, combined with an assessment of your speech, our other languages course can be tailored to suit the areas you need to work on. Call us to have a course customised for you.

Are you looking for training for your staff? Please visit Information for Employers.

“The course explains the basic nature of English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.”

Phuong N. Vietnamese speaker,
Importing & logistics, Australia

  •  African Language Speakers
    (we have tailored courses for the main African languages. If we don’t have your first language, we’ll create a tailored course for you). 
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