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When you enrol in a Speech Active comprehensive, tailored English pronunciation course, you will also have a 1:1 Zoom session (30 minutes) that’s included in the enrolment. You can add more later if you wish. 

What’s in this awesome 1:1 Zoom session? 

– cover the language you need to use for work or study
– create a target word list audio recording for you to practice with
– get seriously helpful 1:1 feedback
– make sure you’re clear on your priority areas for clearer, better English Pronunciation and spoken English
– ensure you’re getting the absolute most from your Speech Active online course
– get motivated!

Many people ask, why we only include one session. 

We only include one 1:1 Zoom session because each Speech Active course has been developed to give you everything you need to successfully master clear, excellent English pronunciation. 

Most people feel they get more than enough in depth teaching and practice from the online course, with the videos and audio files provided and we also want to keep the course as affordable as possible.

We include one 1:1 live training session with Georgie, one of our English Pronunciation teachers online to ensure you are on track, to answer questions and get you motivated. 

Fantastic course!! This course is absolutely fantastic!
I’ve been doing it for 3 months now, and my improvement is very noticeable. I learnt so much, some things that I wasn’t even aware of, like small talk, meaning of some common phrases, etc
Georgie is very clear and uses great teaching techniques, she goes above and beyond the theory. The phone call was a big bonus, helped me a lot.
I highly recommend it!


NAZA J N.S.W Australia

Great course – positive impact on myself in so many ways! This course made me aware of how I pronounce the word and syllables closer to the English speaking natives. Such a great course and also one on one phone conversation with Georgie emphasized even more where I need to focus on in the next few months or so. I highly recommend the course to everyone who English is the second language for them. Thank you Team!


EUNHA Korean Speaker

online English Pronunciation teacher 

Georgie, (that’s her on the left) has been an online English pronunciation teacher for over a decade and taught 1:1 and groups for many years before that. She created Speech Active courses with a team of other ESL teaching professionals. 

At Speech Active, we strive to provide the best English Pronunciation teaching online for international professionals wanting to speak clearer, more confident English.

Regular practice = success

The biggest factor determining your level of improvement is how often you practice. Our programs are designed to make regular practice easy….. really easy. 

In our experience (over 20 years of it), learning with an English pronunciation teacher online with quality online video training brings better outcomes than face to face training. Why? Because people practice more when they have excellent videos and audio to improve with at home and while they are out and about.


1:1 feedback = more confidence 

In your 1:1 session with your Speech Active English pronunciation teacher online you’ll cover words and phrases that you need to use in your work or study.

Building your English speaking confidence is at the heart of what we do. Lacking confidence with speaking English is exhausting and frustrating. We’re very proud that many of students call our courses life-changing. Our students finish their courses not only with clearer English but with greater speaking confidence. 

What areas will Georgie, your online English pronunciation teacher assist you with?

With this online English pronunciation teaching session you’ll receive feedback on all areas of your English pronunciation that would benefit from improvement. This will include feedback on areas such as word stress, sentence stress and weak vowels (these make the rhythm and ‘music’ of English), English vowel sounds and English consonant sounds that you are leaving out or mispronouncing.

It’s likely that you’ll be mispronouncing or leaving out some vowels and consonant sounds in English. Usually this is because those sounds don’t exist in your first language. Many people need to improve other areas such as their pronunciation of word endings, consonant clusters and their use of a pronunciation of the past tense in English for example. 

Before starting English Pronunciation training, have a think about your English speaking goals. 

– Do you want to speak English more clearly?
– Is your goal to sound more like a native speaker?
– Do you want to feel more confident speaking English?
– Maybe all of the above. 

It helps for your online English pronunciation teacher to know exactly what you are aiming for – so they can help adjust your target areas accordingly.

Speech Active’s unique combination of online English pronunciation video training, audio training and 1:1 teacher input gets the best results for our students.

We send you weekly emails to help you stay on track, stay motivated and to remind you to log in and practice regularly.

The more often you practice, the more you will improve. 

Every minute helps : )

What Video Streaming do we use? We use Zoom for our 1:1 online English pronunciation teaching sessions  – but some people prefer to use Microsoft teams, Skype, WhatsApp or the phone. Either way, most people now have a good enough internet connection to be able to learn successfully from an English pronunciation teacher online using live video streaming. We usually  




Clearly see the exact placement.
Cover hundreds of words
and helpful sentences:
professional & casual.

Monitor & assess progress
in every lesson with
progress check recording
tools & quizzes.

Notes with target phrases:
see clearly the word stress & rhythm
that you need to make.
Master the music of English.

Track your progress with
the ‘Before’ & ‘After’
speech recordings.

Your course content is
specifically for speakers of
your first language – which means
more effective & efficient learning.

Improve with audio
listen-&-repeat exercises while
you’re out and about. The more you practice – the more you’ll improve!

30 minute zoom session included
with your online course.
You’ll love it.
Add extra sessions anytime. 

Interact with others, access
discussions and great tips
in the forum community.

Follow the recommended
schedule or make up your own.
Access your lessons
online anytime.



1 + 10 =


The number one problem when people see English Pronunciation teachers face to face is that they rely on the teacher to point out their errors without developing the awareness to do it themselves. This is a missing link in the chain!

For many people, it’s hard to believe at first, that most students get better results from our online courses than 1:1 training. But when we explain why – they understand.

There are 2 main reasons why people get better results with our specialised online training than 1:1. 

The first reason is that with online training they engage in their training more often. More regular practice means more improvement. With a Speech Active online course people practice with their video and audio practice files every day or every few days. They are practicing often and this gets vastly better results.

To change speech habits that have been in place for many years, regular practice is essential – daily practice is ideal. People who see a face to face teacher in a 1:1 lesson with a teacher and then leave the session and don’t do much between then and their next lesson won’t improve much at all. See our tips on choosing an English Pronunciation Course

The second reason our students get better results from Speech Active’s online English pronunciation course is that in face to face sessions, MANY students rely on the teacher to point out their errors and to monitor their speech. It’s human nature. They aren’t actively listening and monitoring their own sounds and speech patterns – they rely on the teacher to do it for them. 

If they don’t learn to do this themselves, they don’t transfer their skills to outside the lesson room. In other words, they still make the errors in presentations and talking to their boss and they don’t realise, because they’ve been relying on their teacher to pick up their errors.

Our courses are designed for you to develop the essential skills of monitoring and controlling your own speech. This is what makes our training are so successful – you’ll  build the skills needed for developing your spoken English over the long term.  With our courses – you learn these essential skills. 


The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability
to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.”
Vietnamese Speaker, Importing and Logistics, Australia

 To improve pronunciation skills, you need to be able to control the sounds you make. If you are not aware, you cannot change and control them. 

With a Speech Active course we help you to become the master of your own pronunciation – so you can continue to improve your spoken English and pronunciation skills for years and years to come.  We want you to be speaking with your colleagues, managers, patients, clients and friends with confidence.




See and copy your teacher as you learn new mouth positions, sounds and rhythms.

Improve with Listen-And-Repeat Audio files in between video lessons. 




Practice online anytime.

Recording tools to check your progress. 

Zoom Session for 1:1 feedback. Add extra zoom sessions anytime. 




Your course is tailored for speakers of your first language. 

In your 1:1 zoom session you’ll prioritise areas, get 1:1 feedback and Georgie will ensure you get
the absolute most from your course.  




40+ video modules in an easy-to-follow, flexible schedule.

Repeat lessons anytime. 

2 years access to your online video course. 

Audio practice files are yours to keep. 


Watch Our tour video


Video, Audio, 1:1 Training 

Our unique combination of training gets the best outcomes for our students.

Read more comments and feedback from our students and English Pronunciation Course reviews. 


Your step-by-step path to clear and confident English

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