English pronunciation TRAINING FOR YOUR STAFF

Supporting your staff with developing clearer English 


Do you have staff who would benefit from speaking English more clearly? English pronunciation is a very difficult area for many people from non-English speaking backgrounds. Difficulties with being easily understood can negatively affect performance and confidence.

If you are wondering how to support your valued employee with speaking English more clearly, we can help you. We would be delighted to assist your staff member with improving their clarity in English and speaking confidence.

Speech Active is the chosen provider of English Pronunciation training for global and local brands and services companies and leading Australian Universities.

We offer professionals a unique combination of online and phone training. This provides flexibility and the right level of support to keep your staff member progressing, motivated and achieving.

We work with groups of 1 – 45 from companies and groups of over 300 International students. Our training can be accessed anywhere in the world. Your staff can log in anytime to complete their online lessons and we offer flexible hours for Zoom / phone sessions to allow for time zone differences.

Our courses have been created especially for busy professionals. A combination of video and audio training, that is accessible on any computer or hand held device makes training easy to access so they can dip in and dip out of their training around their busy schedules.

Some employers like to be kept in the loop with their employees training and progress. We can provide regular updates and reporting as required.

Our Business Package – 747.00 USD per person

People from all over the world take Speech Active training to speak clear English that people understand easily and to speak English with more confidence. 

Please watch our tour video to find out more about how your staff will improve with Speech Active.

Our Business package is a combination of online training and 1:1 Zoom sessions with an assessment and post-course progress summary. 

  • $Full English Pronunciation Assessment - with audio & written feedback
  • $4 month online course - 2 years access (or shorter if required)
  • $ Training is tailored to the language background of your staff member
  • $2 - 3 training videos each week
  • $15 minutes a day with the practice audio files
  • $Four 30 minute Zoom sessions with Georgie
  • $Repeat lessons anytime, move at your own pace.
  • $Improve expression for professional & casual conversations
  • $End-of-Course Progress Summary & regular progress updates

We don’t believe in ‘accent reduction’ 

Our training is not about getting rid of a person’s accent. Speech Active training is about clarity – assisting people with developing clear English that is easily understood by others. See more

It’s important that managers have realistic expectations that are inline with the wishes of their staff member. 

Will your staff sound more local by the end of their 4 month course – probably not. Will your staff member speak English more clearly, be more easily understood by others on the phone, in conference calls and face to face, and have more speaking confidence – yes, absolutely. 

We strive to provide the best English Pronunciation training for international professionals wanting to speak clearer, more confident English.

Practice, practice, practice

Better outcomes are obtained when staff member’s have a clear understanding of the level of practice and effort that’s required to improve pronunciation skills. We are changing habits that have been in place for many years!

This should be discussed with staff before commencing. It’s helpful if they’re given the option to complete lessons during work time.  They’ll need to complete 2 video lessons each week of around 30-40 minutes each and a minimum of 15 minutes a day of practice with the audio files provided. 

Raising the topic

Our clients have generally put a lot of time and effort into developing their English skills. They are often frustrated by problems with pronunciation and generally they welcome support to improve this area. But this isn’t always the case. 

Before offering English Pronunciation Training to your staff members, we highly recommend you read our article on How to Raise The Topic of English Pronunciation Training with Staff.

This area should be discussed with sensitivity. It’s important your staff member genuinely wants to improve, otherwise they won’t put in the practice required and as a result, they won’t improve. 


Click below and choose the ‘Speech Active Business’ option at the bottom of the page.

Select the number of staff you are enrolling. Select the employee’s first language or select ‘Other’ as this can be provided later.   

The details entered at the check out will be the card holder details so please email us (info @ speechactive.com) the following details for each staff member:

–  First name
–  Last name
–  First language
–  Email address
–  Mobile number 

Our Business Package $985 AUD per person

What makes our English Pronunciation Training for Professionals so unique?

  • $ comprehensive online training tailored to the language background of your staff member
  • $combination of online video, audio training and Zoom training
  • $practice with casual and professional conversations for the English speaking workplace
  • $detailed audio and written feedback for English Pronunciation Assessment
  • $weekly reminder emails to keep your staff member on track

 With over 15 years of experience, our staff approach work with a high level of care and a high regard for privacy and professionalism. 

Speech Active Courses are a fantastic addition to the professional development options you offer your team. Adding Speech Active courses to a suite of PD options to your staff means that staff can opt in to the course when they feel they are ready and motivated to work on this area. Many of our clients prefer their study for English improvement to be kept confidential. Our program allows them to study in the privacy of their own home.  

This is an online, self paced course with 1:1 Zoom sessions. Your staff member will receive weekly emails to help them keep on track with their online lessons and audio practice. We check in with your staff member at 6 points during the course – for the English Pronunciation Assessment at the start, for the 4 1:1 Zoom sessions and then at the end of the course when we email their progress summary. They can call or email us anytime for extra assistance. 



Issues with confidence can mean a staff member holds back from contributing to group discussions. It can mean they opt for emails when a phone call or face to face discussion would be more appropriate. Supporting a staff member with improving their speech clarity can be a life changing thing to do. After all, the way we speak affects every interaction we have.

Clear communication is critical in all parts of business and essential services. Effective spoken communication has significant financial benefits and in all workplaces, and for some such as civil engineering and medical professionals- safety benefits as well. We have extensive experience assisting doctors, nurses, IT professionals, engineers and people working in the business and finance industry.

Our courses provide the structure that professionals need. Many professionals want to improve pronunciation and spoken English skills but they don’t know where to start. Our courses help professionals speak clear English and they focus on developing clear pronunciation of vowels and consonants, word stress and emphasis, sentence stress, rate of speaking, volume, general mouth position, use and pronunciation of past tense endings and other key areas affecting clarity. Each course is different because speakers from different backgrounds have different training needs.

Our courses focus on pronunciation skills and some related areas such as plurals and past tense. Our training does not focus directly on grammar and vocabulary, although many of our students experience improvements in these areas because they practising and paying more attention to their spoken English. 



Our courses do not teach a specific accent. The focus of our training is on speaking clear English, regardless of accent. Accents are a wonderful part of someone’s identity. We do not work to reduce or eliminate someone’s accent. A person can have a strong accent and still be clear to listeners. Only some parts of accent and speech affect how clear you are to listeners and this is what we focus on. Our focus is on changing the required parts of a persons pronunciation to ensure their message is clear and easily received by listeners.

It is our belief that terms like ‘accent reduction training’ and ‘accent modification training’ should not be used. Let’s shift the focus away from accent and focus only on what’s require for clear English that is easily understood by listeners. For more on this please read our article on How to Raise The Topic of English Pronunciation Training with Staff.

While working to developing pronunciation skills, our students also develop listening skills, their understanding of English idioms and expressions that are commonly used in the workplace and conversational English too. Lessons are themed on such areas as English for Networking, English for Meetings, English for Interviews, English for conference calls and phone calls and small talk and more.

We have been providing online pronunciation services to small, medium and large businesses for the last 15 years. Our training has helped staff achieve substantial career and personal gains – as well as leading to much happier job satisfaction.

Do you have questions? There is some good information in our FAQs.

To discuss Speech Active training or the needs of your staff member/s please complete the form below or call Georgie on +61 411 295 828 or email: info @ speechactive.com

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12 + 4 =

This is the best online course I’ve ever completed. I wish I knew about this course few years ago. Your resources are practical, easy to understand and practice. I believe your carefully chosen practices topics are really relevant for job seekers and some one new to Australian business environment. Thank you very much for your support throughout the course.

Wahida R, Bengali speaker
State Government
Sydney Australia.

I feel this course is a stepping stone for a successful future; it built my confidence in speaking English. It was very helpful, now I feel so happy when I speak english with good rate, I use to speak english very fast and never paid attention to the rate or syllable stress. This course build confedence and help students in making functional relationship with their friends.

Rasmieh A
Arabic Speaker

I had problems with my pronunciation almost of the time and I don’t know how to fix it. I found myself have no confidence when speaking English. This course gives me ideas how to speak English correctly and pointed out my weakness in speaking English. The lessons cover every skill I need to practice. Now, I’m more confident with sounds that I make. My English pronunciation is getting better every week by learning from this course and now I can speak English with more confident as I ever had!

Kamonwan K.
Thai speaker,
Sydney Australia.

Before taking this course I was never feel confident while speaking with my colleagues who are native speakers. I tend to be very fast while speaking and tried not to talk much with any one because I was not confident. This course has improved the pronunciation. It helps me to be confident enough to speak infront of group of people. I feel my speech is more clear and easy to understand because now no one ask me repeat. This online course is amazingly very effective.

Urdu speaker

I find this course a great milestone in my career that helped me in building a clear path to speak like a native English Speaker. This helped me in my professional field as well as everyday communication. I recommend every non-native speakers give this course a try and utilize the benefit for the rest of life.


Tanjeeb H
Bengali speaker
Uni student
Sydney, Australia.


I am a financial professional and require continuous interaction and mostly making presentations. The awareness and knowledge about the way I speak, particularly the syllable stress and sentence stress and some specific word groups have made me more confident as I speak and feel more acceptance by the people I interact with. I now understand and grasp better and quicker when I listen to the native speakers in professional circles. Both the above are crucial for my professional success.

Rahul p
Gujarati & Hindi speaker
Sydney Australia

some of the course features that will help your staff learn

  • $Fully tailored course based on the language background of each staff member
  • $Highest quality videos and audio files (in fact we are confident this is the best online English Pronunciation training currently available in the world).
  • $Interactive quizzes & exercises
  • $Progress check recording tools in every module
  • $Assessment report & audio feedback from a Speech Active Speech Pathologist
  • $1:1 Zoom training
  • $Interesting, relevant & essential content for every English speaking workplace
  • $Weekly progress reminder emails
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