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Free Pronunciation Starter Course

5 emails – start today


Key areas of difficulty for speakers of your first language


Record a clear and professional voicemail greeting


How problems with your pronunciation affect clarity


Improve your word stress, emphasis & rhythm in English


Improve some key vowel sounds that are important for clear English


Correct many commonly mispronounced words


Tips on how to improve your pronunciation and fluency in your day to day life


And lots more...

practice videos & HOT TIPS in this free english pronunciation starter course

Speaking clearer, more confident English makes life easier.

This 5 day free online English Pronunciation Course will help you get started on the journey to clearer English.

Many people want to improve their English pronunciation but they don’t know how to start.  To help people start improving we created this free online pronunciation program.

You’ll get 5 emails over a week. You’ll understand the key areas to improve for clearer, better spoken English AND, most importantly how to start improving them. You’ll get lots of practice – repeating after me. 

Follow the excellent English pronunciation videos, discover priority areas for clearer spoken English, record a clear professional voicemail greeting, improve word stress, correct commonly mispronounced words & loads more.

Better pronunciation starts with better awareness – you need to know what the problem is before you can fix it! We’ll help you understand the problem and exactly what you’re aiming for.

We think this is the best free English pronunciation course online. Why? You’ll get lots of practice from day 1, practice and improve useful words and phrases for both professional and casual English interactions. All delivered right to your email inbox over one week. Watch and copy me – you’ll clearly see the mouth positions and develop your skills with the listen-and-repeat exercises.

There are many reasons why international professionals and students take our English pronunciation training. The most common reason is that they want to enhance their career opportunities with better spoken English.

People enrol in our English Pronunciation courses:

  • $to perform their best in job interviews
  • $to communicate more effectively at work
  • $because they want to sound like a native English speaker
  • $because they want to speak English with more confidence
  • $for easier day to day communication

Whatever your reason, we look forward to helping you speak clearer, more confident and more fluent English.


Are you looking for the best free english pronunciation course online?

Many people aren’t sure of the best way to start improving their English pronunciation. It really helps to have some help!

This free English Pronunciation course is an easy way to get started – today!

You’ll start practising and improving straight away. 

Looking for free English pronunciation lessons online?

Most of our students want clearer English to communicate better with clients and colleagues at work, or for a better English exam speaking test score, such as IELTS or PET exam, OR for a better job interview performance. Either way, they find these free online English pronunciation lessons are the best place to start.  

This free English Pronunciation Course is tailored to your first language –  so you’ll get some tips that are specifically for speakers of your first language.

With this pronunciation short course you’ll receive emails to your inbox with helpful free English pronunciation videos and tips so you can start practising and improving straight away.

You might be wondering, are these free accent reduction classes online? Yes, our short course could also be called accent reduction classes online for free.  While Georgie prefers not use the term accent reduction or accent neutralisation (find our why here) many people still search for these terms. If you searched for accent reduction free online course, this short English pronunciation starter course is a great option for you.

Georgie created this short free online english pronunciation video course to help you start improving today for free! She’s a Speech Pathologist who has spent over 20 years helping ESL speakers and people from non-English speaking backgrounds speak English more clearly.

The best English pronunciation free online course should help you improve areas such as word stress and sentence stress (this is the rhythm and emphasis – the music of English), English vowel sounds especially long vowels and double / diphthong vowels and key consonant sounds and correct words that are commonly mispronounced by non-native English speakers (ESL speakers).

Join our free English Pronunciation Online Course by filling out the form at the top of the page to start improving today.


You might wonder why we ask you for your first language. This is because our courses are all tailored for speakers of your first language. Speakers of different languages have different training needs so that’s why we ask you to list your first language (or native language or mother tongue).

More Information On Speech Active’s Full English Pronunciation Courses

While the short free course is a great place to start, it is just a starting point to help you become more aware and improve some areas. You’ll need more practice to really improve and level up your spoken English.

In addition to these free pronunciation lessons online, we provide full 4 month courses (with 2 years access). Speech Active courses are not one-size-fits-all. Our full courses are fully tailored for speakers from your first language. That means you won’t waste time working on areas you don’t need to change.

Please see the full list of Online English Pronunciation Courses, to find out more about our English pronunciation training for speakers of your first language.

Speech Active online English Pronunciation & Fluency Courses have been created by a team of Speech Pathologists, e-learning specialists and ESL tutors. So you get the benefit from all these angles!

Each course includes a 30 minute Zoom session with Georgie. During this session, Georgie will make sure you are set to succeed and get the most from your comprehensive, tailored online course. You’ll get excellent 1:1 feedback, make a target word list of words you need to correct, get motivated and on track for success.

Many people wonder if this course is as-good-as or even better than face-to-face training. Or they would like to understand how they will know they’re improving as they take the course. See our frequently asked questions for the answers.

Read some comments from students and English Pronunciation Course Reviews to see how our comprehensive 4 month English Pronunciation course online and our English accent training has helped them.

Be sure to register for our free English Pronunciation course online to start improving today.

Join our free English Pronunciation Course 

We are all about getting you speech-active!

Yes, just like your tennis coach gets you in to shape with drills and practise sessions – we do the same for your spoken English. We give you the practise you need to level up your spoken English. Correct your pronunciation problems so you are easily understood and become more fluent when talking on a range of topics.

Improve your expression and understanding of English. Our courses will help you improve your OET, IELTS, PTE speaking scores. 

Signing up to our free English pronunciation course online is a great way to start. 

More on how Speech Active courses will help you speak better English!

In today’s world where English is the language of business, being able to communicate easily is crucial. We help non-native speakers be understood the first time. Your colleagues and friends need and want to hear what you have to say. Using specialised video and audio training, you’ll improve areas including:                 

  • Rate & volume
  • Mouth positions for clear English
  • Word stress  – master the rhythm of English – this is SOOOO important!
  • Sentence stress and weak vowels
  • Consonants and key word endings
  • Linking in English
  • Vowel sounds – most importantly long vowels and diphthong vowels
  • Learn & listen
  • Listening skills & expression
  • and a lot more



By signing up to our free English pronunciation course online you can get started today improving some of these areas. Simply enter your details to start right now. 


“The content and teaching of Georgie and hear team is superb. It’s the best ever speaking course for me as an Asian person. I’m very very satisfied with this course, and my speaking has improved tremendously. And I’ve never been more confident in my life to speak with people at work and friends at school.

The course is easy to learn at my own pace. I do not find anything challenging, except that I need to take time to do my own practice.



  • Because our courses are customised for speakers of your first language – you only work on the areas that speakers of your first language find challenging.
  • We use real examples – understand exactly what you’re doing and how to change it.
  • Flexible, self-paced study – access it anywhere, anytime.
  • Our courses have helped over 9,000 people advance their careers with improved spoken English. We know what works!
  • We have created these courses specifically for busy professionals.
  • Practice hundreds of helpful sentences for the professional workplace and social interactions.
  • Online study with video and audio allows you to fit in learning around your busy schedule. See more reasons why online study is a great option.

People from all over the world take Speech Active training to speak clear English that people understand easily or because they want to sound more like a native speaker.

Watch this video tour which will explain how you will improve with one of our tailored, full 4 month English pronunciation courses.

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