Developing Word Stress For Excellent English

Where is the stress in the word ‘access’? How are ‘access’ and ‘assess’ different?
How do we link the vowels in the word ‘react’ and ‘coodinate’? 

Excellent word stress is essential for clear spoken English. 

I recommend you: RECORD your speech, WATCH the video, LISTEN to your speech. 

       1. Record – Before watching the video below record yourself saying the following:
                                react, ratio, coordinate, cooperate, access

       2. Watch the video below. Listen carefully to the emphasis, the pitch used.

       3. Listen –  After watching the video, listen to your speech recording & compare.

                  Can you hear which syllable you are stressing?
                 Are you putting the stress on the the correct syllable? Is your word stress too flat?

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