Giving Your Details Clearly on the Phone

Apr 26, 2019Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

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Spelling clearly in English.

Giving your Personal Details Clearly on the Phone.

In this video we cover how to spell your name clearly on the phone.

How to spell your email address and postal address clearly. 

You’ll work on:

  • Pronouncing Alphabet Letters Correctly. Do you know which ones have diphthong vowels and are you making them correctly?
  • Using prompt words to spell words clearly on the phone. This is a must in English! English native speakers do it and you need to too. 
  • Pronouncing numbers correctly. Do people ever confuse 15 for 50 when you say numbers?

Spell things with confidence and have your personal details received easily THE FIRST TIME!

Spelling clearly in English is a must for the English speaking workplace and personal life too. 

Good luck. 



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