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May 1, 2019 | Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

Get off to a great start with a full English Pronunciation Assessment.

Would you like audio recorded feedback, made specifically for you, detailing all your strengths and weaknesses? Students love our online English Pronunciation Assessments and find them seriously helpful for understanding exactly what they should improve and why. 

You’ll find out exactly what you need to improve for clearer English and learn about your strengths too. 

To obtain this 1:1 feedback from a Speech Pathologist and Speech Active accent expert simply select an online English Pronunciation Assessment to complement your online English Pronunciation course.  We’ll guide you through the rest – it’s a simple and easy process. All you’ll need is a good internet connection and a computer with a microphone, or headset with a microphone. 

Speech Active online English Pronunciation Assessment includes:

  • An audio file explaining in detail the areas that you need to improve and why. This is recorded specifically for you about your pronunciation.

  • A detailed written report describing your skills in all pronunciation areas. 

Phone / Skype Support Sessions

Would you like extra 1:1 training during your course? Our courses are designed to have everything you need and feel fully supported as you go, so many people feel they have enough in the online course and don’t chose phone support as well. 

But perhaps you have a presentation coming up that you would like to prepare for. Or an important interview. Maybe you would like some 1:1 feedback and to have questions answered. 

If that sounds like you, you can chose to add phone training sessions to your course. These are 30 minutes with a Speech Pathologist and Speech Active accent expert, either Georgie or Lorelie. 

We will cover vocabulary you need to use for work, answer questions, help you get motivated and give your pronunciation and spoken English skills a boost!

You can add an online English Pronunciation Assessment or phone / skype sessions at anytime during your course. 

Some people prefer to start and see how they go! We like to keep things flexible : )

Do you have questions about our online English Pronunciation assessments or phone support sessions? Please contact us  – we love email and you can chat with us using the chat widget on this page. 

Alternatively call us on (+61) 03 8618 6868. 


Georgie and the Speech Active Team. 




Start improving and learn clear English today with our tailored English pronunciation courses.

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