When the letter ‘o’ makes /ʌ/. Pronounce tongue, cover etc

Apr 26, 2019Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

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How to Pronounce Tongue in English.

When the letter ‘o’ in English makes /ʌ/. 


There are many words where ‘o’ makes /ʌ/ in English.

Correct some of them with this quick video. Learn how to pronounce ‘tongue’ in English and learn some homophones too. Homophones are words with different spelling that are pronounced the same way like ‘sun’ and ‘son’.

Some more words where ‘o’ makes /ʌ/ in English: cover, money, mother. company and come. 

The letters ‘ou’ can also make /ʌ/  – such as touch, cousin, and country.

You’ll correct all of these words – where the letter ‘o’ and ‘ou’ make/ʌ/ with a Speech Active Online Course. 

Would you like to check and correct pronunciation of more English homophones?

Homophones such as ‘sweet’ and ‘suite’, ‘moose’ and mousse’ and ‘muscles’ and ‘mussels’ often confuse people speaking English as a second language because they look so different. 

Visit this link for the best English Homophones List for English learners. You’ll record your voice and correct your pronunciation of over 100 English homophones. 

You’ll correct over 500 of the most mispronounced English words with a Speech Active Online Course.

You’ll get loads of practise in sentences and conversations so you’ll successfully transfer your new improved pronunciation and speaking skills to your everyday conversations. 

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