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We value our student feedback. Enjoy reading these English Pronunciation Course Testimonials and Reviews from our students. English Pronunciation Course feedback is obtained from all our students – as it helps us improve our training and resources.

Read some of our many English Pronunciation Course testimonials on this page. Read more English Pronunciation Course Reviews.


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Testimonial from a student with comments on English Pronunciation Course
Testimonial from a learner with comments on benefits of English Pronunciation Course
Comments on English Pronunciation Course by a Tamil Speaker
The course explains the basic nature of English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct.

Vietnamese speaker, Importing and logistics, Australia

The material that we can keep with us is a great thing, as I can continue practicing and improving my pronunciation. I am very happy I have invested in this course, as I think a better and effective communication is the key that can open many doors in our life.
Paula Uscanga

Spanish Speaker, Small Business Owner

This knowledge was the essential tool that I was looking for because I needed to feel more confident in my speech, I used to avoid to speak. During the course I cried many times but happily because I found someone who understood my doubts and explained the reasons of each of them clearly and easily. I ended loving that mouth and teeth which changed my life, Thank you so much.

Maria B

Spanish Speaker, Masters Student,
Perth, Australia
Now I speak way more confidently, feel more confident making the phone calls and in general enjoy speaking English much more. I’m not afraid of a job interview any more. The course is organized in a very positive and well-structured way. I’m happy that I have discovered it and it would be great if everyone who wants to improve their pronunciation could have an opportunity to conduct this course!


PhD in Mathematical Modelling
Russian Speaker
I had problems with my pronunciation almost of the time and I don’t know how to fix it. I found myself have no confident when speaking English. This course gives me ideas how to speak English correctly and pointed out my weakness in speaking English. The lessons cover every skill I need to practice. Now, I’m more confident with sounds that I make from the movement of jaws and lips. My English pronunciation is getting better every week by learning from this course and now I can speak English with more confident as I ever had!

Kamonwan K.

Thai speaker,
Sydney, Australia.
This course introduced me to so many areas of English language that I have come to understand this language is much more amazing that I previously thought. I have started to become more aware of my voice, specially the volume and the stress. Listening skills are more fine tuned. Consequently, I am tremendously improving my English listening and speaking abilities.

Mrigendra T.

Nepali Speaker
Sydney Australia
I used to speak very very fast and most of the times I had to repeat myself to my listener because they miss on most words. However, after this course I rarely have to repeat myself. This training has improved my confidence and I am aiming at speaking more like a native speaker. My audience can understand me much clear than before. This training has been of great help to me. It’s going to improve my presentation skills. I am able to stress the words correctly. Thank you so much for this course.

Grace C

Chichewa Speaker (Malawi)
Sydney, Australia
This pronunciation course has been greatly helpful to me because it has changed the way I talk around friends and in public. Am more confident in every word I say. This course has helped me improve my English pronunciation, the way I communicate with colleagues and my listening skill. I recommend anyone to partake in this course. You won’t regret a thing.

STEPHANIE Igbo speaker

Igbo Speaker
Uni Student
Sydney, Australia
The best part about this course for me is that I think the information that is covered in this course is very detailed and, in particular, the contents are valuable and rarely available from other materials. It gave valuable information that I did not know and that no one else could teach as clearly.

Hyun H

Korean Speaker
Perth Australia
“This is a fantastic course. I learned a great deal. The course deepened my understanding of many important areas of speaking English. It exposed me to many things I was unaware of. It helped me so much with communication every day at work. I am much more confident to speak to my clients and colleagues now. And best of all, I really enjoyed the course – it’s actually very fun! Thanks for your wonderful course..“


Turkish Speaker
Accountant in London UK
The course is great!! Very well prepared, easy to navigate, with interesting videos and post- exercises. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his English pronunciation. I especially liked the fact that you can work on it when you want and where you want. This makes it much easier for working professionals who don’t have time to attend in-house courses every week. And also, the price of the course is excellent. It is so worth it!

Katarina B

Sales Professional- Information Services – Russian Speaker



This course covers all areas which are important but difficult for Japanese speakers. With the videos, audio and notes, I was able to learn how to improve my pronunciation. I would recommend this course to those who want to speak clear and correct English. I had acknowledged that I had problems with ‘f’, ‘v’ and ‘th’ sounds but had no idea how to improve my pronunciation. This course showed me.

Satoko M

Japanese speaker,
Uni Student
Perth, Australia
I feel this course is a stepping stone for a successful future; it built my confidence in speaking English. It was very helpful, now I feel so happy when I speak English with good rate, I use to speak English very fast and never paid attention to the rate or syllable stress. This course build confidence and help students in making functional relationship with their friends and colleagues.

Resmieh A

Arabic Speaker
Sydney Australia
As a Persian speaker I cannot emphasize on the valuable information that this course provided me to fix the Persian accent. There are those small things that you never notice and take a long time to figure it out if you are on your own. This course will give you easy access to all these. If you are Persian speaker or, in fact, any person from non-English background you will gain tons.

Baqer M

Farsi Speaker,
IT professional, Australia
This is one of the most valuable English course I have ever done and I wish I could have done the course earlier. Highly recommended!

Mohammed M.

Farsi Speaker
GP (Doctor)
Sydney, Australia
To be honest, I spent thousands of dollars on other courses, they were not half as good as this course. Do not wait – buy it!

Kali K

Turkish Speaker
Accountant in London UK
If you look for an easy and efficient way to improve your speaking and understanding of English – look no further. This course is the way to go.

Zan M

Serbian Speaker
This course is an excellent way to learn English pronunciation. After these lessons I can understand native speakers more easily.Now I just need to listen to the audio lessons and practice more. Thanks Georgie and her team.


Farsi Speaker
BTW I like your course very much, it’s very helpful and worth every dollar I spend, thank you so much!!!


Mandarin Speaker from China
Now I clearly know what are my strong and weak areas of speech. I am learning so much through the lessons, exercises, notes and audio. Its such a big help. Thanks Georgie and Sarah.


Hindi Speaker from India

The thing that makes us most happy about these English Pronunciation Course testimonials and reviews from our students is our students reporting more speaking confidence. In our experience, this is the part of the course that makes the biggest improvement to people’s lives. When people go from unclear speech to clear speech, their daily interactions become easier. 

When people become more confident, they tend to speak more, which in turn means they get more practice and their confidence improves further. A wonderful cycle occurs. 

These English Pronunciation Course testimonials and reviews from our students highlight that a speech active course helps you with:

– speaking confidence
– improved clarity
– improved vocabulary
– improved listening skills



I will be recommending this to my Indian friends. From watching the other Indian speakers I could better understand my problems.  Your training is clear and easy to learn from. This course is helpful to all people wanting to speak English more clearly.

Engineer from India, first language Gujarati, Australia

This course is excellent for anyone who wants to speak clear English. It has lots and lots and lots of practice which I use everyday to improve. Thank you. I learn a lot.

Nursing Student from Malaysia, living in New Zealand

Before I didn’t know why sometimes people couldn’t understand my English. I was frustrated. After these lessons I know all this and I have changed it. People understand me easier.

Software Developer, First language Hindi, living in Australia

I had a strong accent. Always people used to ask me to repeat. They often said ‘Sorry?’ or ‘slow down please’.  Since doing this course people understand me well. I can practice everyday with the video lessons and audio files to improve.

PHD Student from Indonesia, Living in Australia

“If you want to be able to sound like a native speaker, choose this course!”

Park Min T

Mandarin Speaker

‘Before taking this course I was never feel confident while speaking with my colleagues who are native speakers. I tend to be very fast while speaking and tried not to talk much with any one because I was not confident. This course has improved the pronunciation. It helps me to be confident enough to speak infront of group of people. I feel my speech is more clear and easy to understand because now no one ask me repeat. This online course is amazingly very effective.


Urdu Speaker

“It’s a really helpful programme with scientific and systematic teaching methods. And the fact is, I have indeed improved significantly”.


Actuarial Scientist, Mandarin Speaker.

This course is a fantastic way to improve pronunciation. It provides comprehensive material and most of them can be downloaded and saved for future self learning so we can still use it to continue the improvement. They also provide personal assistance by phone in a specific schedule. They breakdown the material based on first language which makes it very useful.

Native Bahasa speaker

I was speaking English all this time, but this course highlighted areas which helped me to identify and correct my mistakes in pronunciation, word stress, rate of speech and correct sounds. As a new migrant this really helped me out to perform well in my new job and it has developed my confidence so I can reach out to community with eased mind. Thanks a lot guys, and Georgie you are an amazing teacher…Thank you!

Native Cantonese speaker - Living in Sydney, Australia

In my half way of this course, I have done one public speaking and heard positive feedback from most of the audience and all my friends noticed my differences in speaking. This course has surely helped me to improved my pronunciation and confidence.

Burmese Speaker Sydney

This is a fantastic course. I learned a great deal. The course deepened my understanding of many important areas of speaking English. It exposed me to many things I was unaware of. It helped me so much with communication every day at work. I am much more confident to speak to my clients and colleagues now. And best of all, I really enjoyed the course – it’s actually very fun! Thanks for your wonderful course.


Turkish Speaker, Accountant London UK

I think I’m a “real nurse” now as I can better communicate with my patients and also enjoy all the fun at work, thank you very much!

French Speaker Melbourne Australia

Very effective pronunciation course that lets to understand many things that never articulated in any of the previous courses I tried. Highly recommended, the effect very much worth the money spent on the course.


Russian Speaker, Melbourne Australia

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Thank you for taking the time to read our English Pronunciation Course testimonials and reviews for Speech Active Courses. We hope they have helped you understand how a Speech Active Course can help you improve and achieve your goals for your spoken English. If you have any questions about our training, please contact us

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