The material that we can keep with us is a great thing, as I can continue practicing and improving my pronunciation. I am very happy I have invested in this course, as I think a better and effective communication is the key that can open many doors in our life. Paula Uscanga

Spanish Speaker, Small Business Owner

The course explains the basic nature of English pronunciation in an insightful way. Many concepts such as word stress, long vowels etc. come to me for the first time. The most useful tool that the course equipped me with is an ability to recognise my mistakes and self-correct. Phuong

Vietnamese speaker, Importing and logistics, Australia

This course is an excellent way to learn English pronunciation. After these lessons I can understand native speakers more easily.Now I just need to listen to the audio lessons and practice. Thanks Georgie and her team.


Farsi Speaker

BTW I like your course very much, it’s very helpful and worth every dollar I spend, thank you so much!!!


Mandarin Speaker from China

Now I clearly know what are my strong and weak areas of speech. I am learning so much through the lessons, exercises, notes and audio. Its such a big help. Thanks Georgie and Sarah Swati

Hindi Speaker from India

I will be recommending this to my Indian friends. From watching the other Indian speakers I could better understand my problems.  Your training is clear and easy to learn from. This course will be helpful to all people wanting to speak English more clearly. Arul

Engineer from India, first language Gujarati, Australia

This course is excellent for anyone who wants to speak clear English. It has lots and lots and lots of practice which I use everyday to improve. Thank you. I learn a lot. Maria

Nursing Student from Malaysia, living in New Zealand

Before I didn’t know why sometimes people couldn’t understand my English. I was frustrated. After these lessons I know all this and I have changed it. People understand me easier. Nitin

Software Developer, First language Hindi, living in Australia

I had a strong accent. Always people used to ask me to repeat. They often said ‘Sorry?’ or ‘slow down please’.  Since doing this course people understand me well. I can practice everyday with the video lessons and audio files to improve. Martin

PHD Student from Indonesia, Living in Australia

This course is a fantastic way to improve pronunciation. It provides comprehensive material and most of them can be downloaded and saved for future self learning so we can still use it to continue the improvement. They also provide personal assistance by phone in a specific schedule. They breakdown the material based on first language which makes it very useful. Felisitas

Native Bahasa speaker

I was speaking English all this time, but this course highlighted areas which helped me to identify and correct my mistakes in pronunciation, word stress, rate of speech and correct sounds. As a new migrant this really helped me out to perform well in my new job and it has developed my confidence so I can reach out to community with eased mind. Thanks a lot guys, and Georgie you are an amazing teacher…Thank you! Pui

Native Cantonese speaker - Living in Sydney, Australia


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