1 Daily Habit to Fantastic Fluency

Improve English Fluency. 

One Daily Habit to Fantastic, More Fluent English.  


Would you like to speak more fluent English?

Your English fluency won’t just improve by living in an English speaking country. You need to actively work at improving your English fluency.

Follow Georgie’s advice to start developing your fluency everyday. Follow the recommendations in the video and you’ll get speaking practise on a wide range of topics that will enhance your conversation and small talk skills too!

PODCASTS LINK: See more on How and Why you should be using Podcasts and also see Georgie’s Podcast Recommendations here. 

If there is a specific topic that you lack confidence talking about, spend 15 minutes discussing. Think of questions that people could ask you about it. Give as much detail as possible. Each time you do this, you will improve your skills.

It’s time to get active and improve your English fluency. Let’s level up your spoken English and and improve English fluency.

If I assessed your English fluency now, and then again in 3 months, I would easily be able to tell the people who had done this 15 minutes a day – and those who didn’t!

Doing things listening to the radio or reading in English do not improve your fluency. But a simple addition WILL improve your fluency – and that is to describe what you have heard or read out loud in English in as much detail as you can.

This way you are using your own words and actively improving your fluency.

Ideas to improve your fluency from right now – SPEAK OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF

  • describe your day out loud

  • after a movie, TV, podcast, article, describe it out loud

  • talk through a recent discussion

  • describe each assignment out loud

  • have English speaking days or times at home

use people for practice!

  • use your silent voice too, for example if you spend time on public transport, imagine you are speaking out loud – this is the next best thing to actually doing it. 


English speaking fluency doesn’t tend to improve quickly – so start today. Your future self will thank you for the time you spend on this now.




Choose your topic and start right now. Don’t forget to write “DONE” in the youtube comments – when you’ve done it.






See and copy your teacher as you learn new mouth positions, sounds and rhythms.

Improve with Listen-And-Repeat Audio files in between video lessons. 




Practice online anytime.

Recording tools to check your progress. 

Zoom Session for 1:1 feedback. Add extra zoom sessions anytime. 




Your course is tailored for speakers of your first language. 

In your 1:1 zoom session you’ll prioritise areas, get 1:1 feedback and Georgie will ensure you get the absolute most from your course.  




Ready to go when you are – 40+ video modules in an easy-to-follow, flexible schedule. 

2 years access. 

Audio practice files are yours to keep. 


1 Daily Habit to Fantastic Fluency


Georgie Harding has assisted thousands of people from all over the world with improving their clarity and spoken English skills. A Speech Pathology degree (BAppSc(SpPathand CELTA qualifications and over 15 years of experience providing 1:1, group and online training make Georgie a leader in her field.  

Georgie is the creator the world’s leading English Pronunciation online courses that are tailored to the language background of the student and presents regularly at Universities.

If you’ve ever met Georgie or completed her award winning courses you’ll know how passionate she is about helping people move forward with better spoken English and more confidence. 

Email: georgie@speechactive.com
Linkedin: Georgie Harding 
Facebook: Speech Active 

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