1 Daily Habit to Fantastic Fluency

Apr 26, 2019 | Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

Improve English Fluency. 

One Daily Habit to Fantastic, More Fluent English.  

Would you like to speak more fluent English?

Your English fluency won’t just improve by living in an English speaking country. You need to actively work at improving your English fluency.

Follow Georgie’s advice to start developing your fluency everyday. Follow the recommendations in the video and you’ll get speaking practise on a wide range of topics that will enhance your conversation and small talk skills too!

PODCASTS LINK: See more on How and Why you should be using Podcasts and also see Georgie’s Podcast Recommendations here. 

If there is a specific topic that you lack confidence talking about, spend 15 minutes discussing. Think of questions that people could ask you about it. Give as much detail as possible. Each time you do this, you will improve your skills. 

It’s time to get active and improve your English fluency. Let’s level up your spoken English and and improve English fluency. 

If I assessed your English fluency now, and then again in 3 months, I would easily be able to tell the people who had done this 15 minutes a day – and those who didn’t!


Choose your topic and start right now. Don’t forget to write “DONE” in the youtube comments – when you’ve done it. 



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