Your Speaking Speed & Volume in English

Apr 18, 2018 | Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Speech Pathologist & Founder

Your speed and volume in English are SO important.

These affect how clear you are and how easily others understand you. 

Please excuse the old graphics and footage of this video. It is very old!



As a non-native speaker your rate of speaking can really affect how well you pronounce words in English.

When a non-native speaker speaks English very fast, sometimes their pitch or word stress can become flatter, making their words more difficult for listeners to recognise. Their long vowels can become shorter. 

Even if your English is perfect – if you speak too quietly or too fast for people to catch what you are saying easily, it will cause problems. Particularly in noisy environments like offices and cafes. 

So, pay attention to your rate of speaking and volume of speak from today. Make sure you are using a good speed and volume in English. 



Speech Pathologist
 & Founder of Speech Active


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