Top 3 Areas – English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers

May 6, 2019Blog, Blog UK

By Georgie Harding – Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

See our Top 3 English Pronunciation Areas for Spanish Speakers!

Many of my Spanish speaking students are frustrated because people don’t understand their English easily. They feel that people have to concentrate to catch what they are saying.

The good news is, for most Spanish speakers, they just need to improve a few areas of their English pronunciation to make a BIG improvement in their clarity.

See more on these areas here and some tips on how to start improving these areas

By improving a few areas of their English pronunciation, we help them speak clearer English – so that people catch what they are saying the first time and without effort. 

We will help you understand exactly what it is that’s making your English unclear and how to change it. We will give you the practise you need to make the changes in your everyday conversations. 

So, if you are Spanish speaker wanting to improve their English pronunciation you can start today by watching this video. 

Our “Top English pronunciation tips for Spanish Speakers” video will help you become more aware of where to start.  

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Top 3 Areas – English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers


Georgie Harding has assisted thousands of people from all over the world with improving their clarity and spoken English skills. A Speech Pathology degree (BAppSc(SpPathand CELTA qualifications and over 15 years of experience providing 1:1, group and online training make Georgie a leader in her field.  

Georgie is the creator the world’s leading English Pronunciation online courses that are tailored to the language background of the student and presents regularly at Universities.

If you’ve ever met Georgie or completed her award winning courses you’ll know how passionate she is about helping people move forward with better spoken English and more confidence. 

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