Video Intro To English Word Stress – English Pronunciation

Apr 26, 2019Blog, Blog UK

Georgie Harding

Founder & Head Speech Pathologist

Video on English Word Stress.

Each multi-syllable word in English has one stressed syllable.

This is called Word Stress.

Word stress is probably THE MOST important area that affects how clear your English will be.

Many non-native speakers have never learnt how to make the correct rhythm, stresses and emphasis in English words.

Do you feel like your English sounds flatter than a native speaker?

Are you confident with making the correct rhythm and stress in English words and sentences? 

Remember this is one of the most important areas for speaking English clearly.

It takes time and practise to hear word stress in English. The better you get at hearing word stress, the better you will get at making it correctly.

This quick introduction to syllable stress will get you thinking about it!


Start now!


Georgie and the Speech Active team!