Are ‘muscle’ & ‘mussel’ different or the same?

Sep 23, 2018 | Blog

Georgie Taylor

Speech Pathologist



Are ‘muscle’ and ‘mussel’ different or the same?

The same! Did you know they are pronounced exactly the same way.

Homophones are words that look different but are pronounced the same way.  ‘Muscle’ and ‘mussel’ are homophones. English has many, many homophones.

So you already know that ‘not’ and ‘knot’ and ‘whole’ and ‘hole’ are homophones. What about some other lesser known homophones. See 10 homophones below that ESL speakers often don’t know are homophones.

Practise opening your mouth!

Photograph by Bigstockphoto

  • muscles = mussels  /ˈmʌ.səlz/
  • missed = mist         /mɪst/
  • one = won               /wʌn/
  • chews = choose      /tʃuːz/
  • paw = poor = pour   /pɔː/
  • bored = board         /bɔːd/
  • sauce = source      /sɔːs/
  • genes = jeans        /dʒiːnz/
  • flower = flour          /ˈflaʊ.wə/
  • waist = waste        /weɪst/

muscles = mussels  /ˈmʌ.səlz/

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Good luck, have a great day.

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