Looking for a job? Why you must have a great voicemail greeting.

Why you must have a great professional voicemail greeting

Why is it ESSENTIAL for job seekers and professionals to have a great voicemail greeting?

Recruiters, potential employers, colleagues, clients and managers expect to hear a professional voicemail greeting when they call you.

I was recently giving a presentation to a group of students studying their Masters of Business Administration (MBA). I was talking to the students about how important it is to have a professional sounding, great voicemail greeting when another presenter who was a recruiter from a large global company put up her hand to add to my comments.

She wanted to highlight to students the importance of having a professional great voicemail greeting. When she calls candidates to arrange phone, video or face-to-face interviews, if the person does not have voicemail she assumes that they are not suitable for the position because they are wasting her time by not providing the opportunity to leave a message.

Do they expect her to keep calling until they are able to pick up the phone? She doesn’t have time for that.

She also said that when she hears an unclear or unprofessional message it impacts on her decision to employ or not employ that person depending on the communication skills required for the position.

Key points to remember are:

  • Not having your voicemail turned on can lose you an interview invitation.
  • Having an unclear, unprofessional voicemail greeting can lose you an interview. 
  • An unclear, unprofessional voicemail greeting gives a poor impression to your colleagues, clients and managers or potential employers. 


Here’s your checklist for recording the best voicemail greeting:

          Listen to your pronunciation. Here’s a quick checklist. 

                   Have you pronounced the word endings correctly?
                   Have you made good diphthong vowels and long vowels?
                   Are you using the correct word stress?
                   Have you used the correct grammar? 


Make sure you take action today and record your great voicemail greeting. It really is very important. 


Looking for a job? Why you must have a great voicemail greeting.


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Georgie is the creator the world’s leading English Pronunciation online courses that are tailored to the language background of the student and presents regularly at Universities.

If you’ve ever met Georgie or completed her award winning courses you’ll know how passionate she is about helping people move forward with better spoken English and more confidence. 

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