Practise Your voicemail greeting english pronunciation

Record & Compare Your Voicemail Greeting with a Native Speaker

Practise each sentence in your voicemail script and prefect it before you record it on your phone. Perfect your English pronunciation – correct your word stress, vowel sounds, consonant sounds so that it is all clear and sounds great.  Remember to pay attention to your pitch & word stress – the music of your English!   

See this article on why have a clear, professional voicemail greeting if you’re not sure why a professional voicemail greeting is so essential all professionals.
Here’s our Video on Recording a Professional Voicemail Greeting. 
Post “DONE” in the comments under Voicemail Greeting Video on Youtube when you’ve made your recording.

Hello, thanks for calling (name)

 – listen carefully to the pitch of the voice, this is important for word stress.


I’m unable to answer

– pay attention to the up and down of the voice, there are 2 stressed syllables ‘nay’ in ‘unable’ and ‘an’ in ‘answer’. 
– check /eɪ/ vowel in ‘unable’ 

the phone at the moment.

– check  /oʊ/ vowel in ‘phone’ and ‘moment’
– there are two emphasised or stressed syllables – ‘phone’ and ‘mo’ in ‘moment’. 

Please leave a message

– check long /i:/ vowels in ‘please’ & ‘leave’.
– there are 3 emphasised / stressed syllables, listen carefully to the recording – can you hear them? They’re ‘please’, ‘leave’ & ‘mes’.

and I’ll return your call 

– 2 stressed syllables here. Listen to the recording and see if you can hear the up and down of the voice (pitch) marking the stressed syllables. They are ‘turn’ in ‘return’ and ‘call’. 
reTURN your CALL.

as soon as possible. Thank you.

– hear the way the first 3 words are linked together.
– listen to the up and down of the pitch marking the stressed syllables.
– In ‘thank you’, the word thank has the most stress. 

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